Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC
Testimonials - BBDC
Testimonials - BBDC


Our Collection of Compliments

Syafiq (6640) was very professional in the way he teaches and really learnt a lot from him. Just wanted to give my thanks and compliments.

Jazli Majid, 3A, 10 October 2021

Syafiq (6644)– This instructor power!! Very patient when teaching and his instructions were clear. He made learning fun and he even ensure that all of us understood the assignment. He was also funny and very approachable when I want to ask questions. Hope everyone would recognize his efforts and commitment.

Yasirah, 2B, 13 October 2021

Duan XY (7150)– I’m really thankful for her help. She stopped her meal to serve me as my account needs to be verified after online enrolment and I was rushing to class. I’m grateful for her service and the teamwork from BBDC. Much appreciated!

Wong LH, 2A, 14 October 2021

Tang Hao (6726) is a very good coach. His teaching method is serious and strict, but he is courteous and respectful. He is very patient. I have learned a lot. 

Xu CC, 3C, 20 October 2021

Would like to express my thanks to Cheong LK (2578).  He was very professional in the way he taught and always very engaging. Had a lovely chat with him throughout the whole training. Thank you for teaching me today.

Jazli Majid, 3A, 30 October 2021

I would like to compliment Team Leader Clement Chan (6658), Victor (6702), Aidil (6759) & Benny (6736) of G6069 for their strong team- funny, good advice, good humour towards students. I am glad I have them, totally recommend to new students who want a more relaxed and steady instructor who is talkative yet humourous, helpful, caring and give good advice, a very fun batch! Told them farewell and the next time I come back to BBDC, I will be taking the motor license. Hope to see them there again or outside. Kudos to these 4 members of G6069! GD JOB!

Adeline, 3C, 5 October 2021

I am very thankful to all my driving instructors as well as the staff, especially Mr. Muhd Arshad (6538) and Mr. Syed Ibrahim (6354) of G6003. Most of my practical sessions were with them. They are very friendly and effective teachers who were very professional in teaching good driving techniques and were able to build my confidence in driving manual car. I was able to better my driving skills after every session, as I learn from the feedback given and the mistakes in my driving that they meticulously point out.

Due to certain circumstances, I only took my test a few months after my practice sessions with them and yet, I was able to refresh my driving skills easily during revision sessions, thanks to the driving fundamentals that they drilled into me since the start. It is also the main reason why I was able to pass my test in the first attempt.

Arjun Kumar Nair, 3C, 23 October 2021

I would like to express my gratitude towards Mr Lam CC (6245) for the patience and guidance he has guided me. His sharing experience have helped me a lot when it comes to driving. He really stood out among the others. He would constantly advise me the Do’s and Don’ts and what to look out for when it comes to driving on the road. He would follow through and would check on my progress during driving lessons. He never failed to correct my mistakes and would always give his utmost attention when he was teaching me. I would like to thank him for making this driving experience an easy one and appreciate the extra mile that you go for your students/customer. Thank you for teaching me a lifelong skill that I would remember for life. Lastly, I would be very pleased to recommend to my friends to learn driving in BBDC.

Shana Ong, 3A, 23 October 2021

I just want to give my sincere thanks to Ryan Tan (6439) that I had during one of my revision lessons before my TP.  His revision lesson gave me all the confidence I needed to take my TP two days later, he was informative, extremely patient and gave me the most useful tips to ensure I pass my TP without careless mistakes. Even on the day of my TP, he remembered my name and came to ask me how it went. When I told him I passed, he congratulated me and told me he knew I could do it but little did he know it was his one lesson that got me through. So thank you so much, Instructor 6439! Any student would be lucky to have you as their instructor and I’m so glad that I was one of them! 🙂

Joe Ann, 3/3A, 28 October 2021

I would like to thank BBDC instructors, especially the instructor See Yew Yong (6343) (although he just coached me one lesson only) for his patient coaching and sharing of his experienced driving skills for my motorcar course on 28 Sep 2021. He is the only instructor who gave up break time to let me practise my weak point and sharpen my confidence in changing lane. It was the most fruitful lesson throughout my course so far!

Million thanks again!

Zhang Li, 3A, 1 October 2021

I would like to compliment my instructor Loh KK (5902)! He was going out of his way to make sure I master my crank course and S-course, and when I feedbacked to him I couldn’t see the kerb, he offered alternatives that would help me in my driving. It was heart-warming to see his passion for teaching and I am so grateful I got him as an instructor! 🙂

Hee JQ, 3A, 2 September 2021

I’d like to thank Mr Melvin Leong (6604) for his technique correction during my RC on the week of 30 Aug-2 September 2021. He helped me gain a lot of confidence and consistency in my weak courses and allowed me to pass my 2A Traffic Police on the first try. Keep it up!

Teng KS, 2A, 3 September 2021

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Zuwairi (6430) for his patience and kindness. I wanted to give up after 5.01 but his positivity and encouragement pushed me on to my next lessons and beyond.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

Skyla, 2B, 10 September 2021

Would like to give thanks to my instructor Ravishankar (6472) today.  He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was very patient with me and gave me a lot of tips and advice. Enjoyed my casual conversations with him as well. Kudos to BBDC for having such great instructors.

Jazli Majid, 3A, 18 September 2021

I would like to thank Lee Pui Kwee (6222) for his kind guidance, patience and dedication, and he has a very cheerful and happy deposition during the 4 lessons I had with him. I find his positive attitude very respectable as he made all the lessons very enjoyable and comfortable. As I was a bit tensed and stressed during the lessons, he assured and told me to relax and that there was no need to rush or be anxious while adding some humour to lighten the atmosphere as well.

He explained the concepts in a clear and concise manner, and gave constructive feedback on points to improve as well as reviewed my weaknesses nearing the end of the lessons, for example when doing parallel/ vertical parking or directional change, he explained the tolerances and allowances to work with before striking kerb. I feel that he teaches well and is very knowledgeable and experienced especially on the moving off slope technique! Thank you for the pleasant lessons and keep up the good work! 😊

Ng XY, 3C, 24 September 2021

My encounter with Jeffrey Ng (6603), I knew I had the right instructor. He was courteous and prompt in responding to my initial enquiries. He made me feel at ease during my lessons, with his friendly, calm manner. He was unfailingly patient throughout my lessons with him. He answered all of my queries, pinpointed problematic areas, and took the time to explain things in a way I could understand or relate to. He was particularly helpful in dealing with my many anxieties about riding, encouraging me, but also knowing when I needed a bit of a push. It really helped to build my confidence in my ability to ride. He is very good at making you more relaxed, I felt that he genuinely wants you to learn to ride well along with passing the practical, and his lessons offer real value for money because of his experience and skill as an instructor.

Kelvin, 2B, 26 August 2021

I attended DIPS course and was assigned Mr Hassim (2057) as my DIPS driver instructor. I was quite nervous about the training as this was the first time I attended the DIPS training course. However, Mr Hassim was very reassuring and he helped me to overcome my initial nervousness and also taught me many fine points on safety driving and pointed out my certain bad habits of driving which contributed to possible unsafe driving during the training. He was very professional, pleasant and reminded me constantly during the driving course on how to be safe in my driving. I wanted to thank you Mr Hassim for his coaching and guidance despite it was just a once off training only.  However, I think the driving centre can be proud of your staff like Mr Hassim who has been a role model for the centre. Thanks for helping me to become a better and safer driver in the future. Thank you!

Dr Chris Tan, DIPS, 17 August 2021

Vincent Lim (6704) is a patient instructor who goes the extra mile in guiding his students. It is through his instruction that boosted my skill and confidence level in handling the car. I enjoyed every lesson with him and highly commend him for his professionalism and high positive impact on his students, always actively encouraging and motivating them to do their best each time.

Alicia, 3A/3, 1 August 2021

The instructors I have gotten for course 2B thus far have generally been helpful, but Mr Syafiq (6640) stood out not only with his clear instruction but also, great sense of humour. Thank you for making our journey (which isn’t always smooth-sailing as we incrementally practise different skills) such a pleasant experience!

Perdana, 2B, 4 August 2021

I am writing with regards to express my deepest thanks to the instructors of Group 8037, in particular Mr Ryan Tan (6439), Mr Tan HA (2793), Mr Soh KO (6375) & Mr Tan SL (6318) for their kind guidance.

They have all been very patient during the lessons and would often go the extra mile to provide tips for real driving advice. Besides, they would provide specific areas of improvement that addresses my weaknesses. They are also very friendly which makes the lesson rather stress-free.

Thanks for making my driving lessons experience an enjoyable and memorable one!

Ai Lin, 3A, 30 August 2021

I am beyond grateful for my group of instructors G8035. They were truly beyond experienced and most importantly EXTREMELY PATIENT and understanding. They were willing to spare a couple of extra minutes to explain or demonstrate certain concepts even if lesson is coming to an end. Beyond grateful for not only their time but their willingness to go an extra mile. Grateful for all their tips, tricks and advice – without it, I doubt I would’ve been able to pass my TP on my first try. Thank you to my group of instructors. (it’s a huge bonus that they’re all super friendly and funny too!)

Jayshree, 3A, 25 August 2021

I would like to thank the above-mentioned instructors Mr Vincent Lim (6704), Mr Yong SC (6688), Mr Jagger Yan (6725) for their kind guidance. They have given me many great tips on how I can drive better. They were also very patient in teaching and assisting me on how I can pass on my first try, even if I am not their student for that day, explaining to me outside their car, and explain my mistakes in the previous lesson. I am thankful for these instructors.

Koh KY, 3C, 11 August 2021

Instructor Lim TH (2300) was really friendly and helped to identify my weak points to work on. He allowed me to build up my confidence for my TP and gave lots of encouragement. Definitely one of the best driving instructors I met.

Loh JY, 3A, 28 August 2021

I would just like to give my heartfelt appreciation to Mr Syafiq (6640) who taught me my first motorcar (Auto) lesson on 22 August 2021.

It was my first Auto motorcar lesson and was nervous beforehand as I have never driven a car before. Mr Syafiq was very thorough with his teaching and taught me the basics well, which I really appreciate and understood.

He was also a very fun and thoughtful instructor thus would really like to thank him for the lesson today.

Jazli, 3A, 22 August 2021

Caleb Sim (6721) is clear and concise, often will simplify the technical aspects of driving, to enable me, the old auntie, to comprehend and execute 😀

Caleb is dedicated and puts in 100% effort to coach me.  He often goes the extra mile to ensure I am prepared for the test, from checking with other instructors (revision) on my strength and weaknesses, areas to improve, to going through with me the entire circuit on the tricky section to look out for.

After an intense 2.5 months of strict drilling with immense tolerance of my forgetfulness, Caleb had transformed me from an easily nervous ‘Gan Cheong Spider’ into a confident driver who attained a pass on the first attempt!

It is my life’s greatest achievement, able to obtain driving licence at the age of 56.  A big big thank you to Caleb!

Ng CL, 3A, 16 August 2021

I want to compliment these 3 instructors Syafiq (6644), Jensen Wong (6695), Tiow Weiping (6649). Throughout my entire 2B journey, they were very patient, their explanations and their personalised feedback are in great detail. They are also friendly and easy to approach. It was reassuring to have them as my instructors for some of the lessons as I know they will give me the feedback that I need to improve. I hope they continue their good work and have a successful career! 🙂

Imran, 2B, 29 July 2021

I would like to share my awesome experience with both instructors Mr Ang Seow Teck (1125) & Mr Lam CC (6245) during these 2 weeks of practical course with them. They make learning driving much more fun and of course allowing me to find back the passion to be behind the wheels again.

The instructors always share their tips and ensure you know what is going on and of course how to improve your circuit driving and to be safe on the road too. There are times, I am panicking behind the wheels but both of them gave ample of encouragement and assurance that I can do it.

Thank you for your patience and guidance, and for making driving fun again instead of being stressful. Do try out different instructors to find the right & suitable one. 🙂

Angeline Tan, 3A, 22 July 2021

I am writing to express my deepest thanks and gratefulness to instructor Ryan Tan (6439), Mr So, Mr Chen and all the instructors of Car 126, 127, 128, 129, and 111

I am a lecturer myself working at NTU, having been teaching for 15 years and that gives me some confidence and experience to tell what makes a really good teacher. All the instructors above are definitely great teachers.  The instructors are so professional that they give clear and accurate instructions to help me understand how to park, stop, proceed, reverse, lane-change and so on. Ryan can not only explain to me what to do and how to do, but explain patiently the reason why I should it and all possible consequence of different scenarios. The way that Ryan and other teachers talk to me are so friendly and warmly that it makes me feel I am not only a learner but also a friend of them. When I make mistakes, they are so nice to correct me like my big brothers. 

I only saw them for hours but the beautiful memory will stay years. I am so grateful and lucky to meet them and I feel they are the pride of BBDC, because I have really good impression here at BBDC.

Li XP, 3A, 1 July 2021

I am G6003 student and I want to thank my instructor Mr Tang Hao (6726). he taught me my first driving course, yesterday was the second time I learned from this instructor. Although he is very young, he is very experienced, kind, and patient in explaining. It is easy for me to understand. I admire this instructor, please try to arrange me to learn with him, Thanks your team for producing such a good instructor.

Chuncheng, 3C, 22 July 2021

I would like to compliment Farhan (6653).  He is a tenacious teacher who is able to teach well with the use of the practical book which allowed me to be able to follow well. The instructor sets goals and helps the student achieve it according to their ability. It is a commendable effort and BBDC should be proud to have him teaching.

Ruth Chow, 3A, 8 July 2021

I would like to compliment Mr Paul Soh (6471) for his kind guidance throughout my learning process in BBDC. I really like how friendly and bubby he is when teaching. Not only that, he is extremely patient and will go through anything that is unclear again to make sure that I understand the tips and tricks. He also offered a lot of encouraging advice to me before going for my driving test which really made me feel comforted and motivated. I feel extremely lucky and heartened to have such an excellent instructor guide me from the very first day. Without his guidance, I don’t think I would have passed my driving test on the first try. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours and thank you for being a great instructor 🙂

Lillian Zhu, 3A, 18 June 2021

I have just attained my Class 3 license at my first practical test attempt today (30 June 2021) and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the theory and motorcar instructors, as well as customer service staff who have guided and assisted me along the way, during the past 6 months. They have shown professionalism in their work and would always provide the tips and advices for me, especially during my practical training sessions.

I was allocated to group G6007 and even though I did not meet a fixed instructor, all of them were equally professional in guiding me during my lessons, and would encourage me at times when I felt discouraged from the lessons. I have also met a couple of others whom I believe were not from my group and I would like to relay my thanks as well. Please continue with the good work.

Priscilla Tan, 3/3A, 30 June 2021

I would like to compliment and applaud Instructor Chua SY (6593) for his professionalism. He made sure that I understand the lesson and test requirements clearly, and took time and patience in explaining and imparting valuable skills and tips to me. He is friendly and nice in the way he approaches and reaches out to learners like me. He also keeps on encouraging me to improve on my techniques along the way during lesson and his praises and encouragement will motivate learners like me more.  Overall, I feel he is a great and respectable instructor and I hope he gets some form of recognition! Great work there, Instructor Chua!

Song WQ, 2A, 28 June 2021

I would like to thank all instructors of group G8011, especially Tong SW (2244), Phua TA (2576) and Tan HC (2890) for their patience in guiding me during my practical lessons. I was able to pass my driving test on my first attempt thanks to them!

Calvin Chia, 3A, 23 June 2021

I would like to compliment Instructor A Muhd Arshad (6538) for his calm and patient teaching during my lesson. Firstly, he had kindly done a recap with me on all the circuit lessons before resuming my progression with vertical parking and emergency braking. Throughout the lesson, he gave precise instructions when necessary but also allowed me to make my own judgment behind the wheel. Whenever he sensed that I am unsure, he will provide me with his advice and the correction I should employ. Thanks to him, I am confident in my abilities to execute in a collected manner. His eagerness to teach his student until they fully grasp the concept is very commendable and I am glad to have spent my lesson with a great instructor.

Alicia Chong, 3C, 24 May 2021

I would like to comment on Instructor Chin BH (6657), I really would recommend him coz he’s really good with his teachings. It’s my second time taking his class and would love to learn more from him.  He’s really very good, really very patient, and I enjoyed his classes very much. He would take his time to make sure we learn to ride the right way, and show us the proper techniques. The best instructor that I’ve had so far.

Nur Ellesha Shahidah, 2B, 18 May 2021

I would like to commend Hamidah (3706) & Katherine (7150) for their helpfulness in my enquiries.  What impress me most is that they are very polite and friendly throughout the conversation!  Truly a good representation of customer service!

Irdwan, 23 May 2021

Best instructor I have met so far. Mr Ong LH (1023) was very patient and treated me with smile and empathy. He taught me very well (lane changing) and made me confident. End of the class, I was very confident and energetic. Expecting other instructors also like him, to be patient, kind and teach /train us for the TP test.

Vasundra, 3/3A, 30 May 2021

Thank you very much Mr Paul Soh (6471) for all the advice and correcting all my bad mistakes in driving. He is very patient and make sure you do the right way. I will definitely recommend to some friends here in Sg. I would like to thank Mr Raja too for giving me some advice when I failed my test and almost give up. “Money can earn back but life won’t”. Thank you.

Rochelle Toney, 3A, 6 May 2021

An Appreciation letter to Mr Teo Hock Lim, 2814

You indeed are a standout teacher because of your sheer dedication to your students. When teaching circuit course, you always made extra sure that I understand the skill and corrective action since you knew it was my weakest subject. Without you, I never would have been able to master the driving skill the way I did. Counting you for extra help and guidance was special to me and shows me how much you care about your student’s success.

Sharon Tan, 3/3A, 8 April 2021

Very thankful for the instructors of G8011 who have taught me. They were patient, genuine and passionate. In particular, Caleb Sim (6721) went the extra mile to give me pep talk and practical and useful advices prior to practical test. I really appreciate and applaud the dedication he has towards his job.

Yeo LH, 3A, 15 April 2021

Farhan (6653) was informative in his instruction, and flexible at the same time. Could assess the proficiency of the students in a short time and mete out the necessary instruction. Was flexible to advance students to the next lesson – testament to how the Centre is not purely profit driven. Will recommend BBDC to others!

John, 2B, 17 April 2021

Great instructor- Jervim Gam 6703 who gave good foundational instruction for the students. Gave timely breaks and genuinely wanted to advance better students – which is probably something he didn’t have to do. Great!

Jianwei, 2B, 10 April 2021

Thank you, Mr Tai KM (6705) for your patience in teaching me during my session 5 lesson on Friday! Your clear instructions and trust in my management of the vehicle made maneuvering a manual car so much less scary. You also helped me tremendously in understanding the theory behind the practical and I thank your confidence in my learning abilities! Sincerely hope I am able to learn through you again. All the best!

Alicia Chong, 3/3A, 24 April 2021

Mr Sum Guo Liang (6554) was an outstanding instructor. He has been of great help throughout my journey in BBDC.

He is patient and willing to go the extra mile to encourage and motivate his students. If he wasn’t my instructor, I couldn’t imagine myself completing each session with confidence like I do now and able to pass TP with just 1 attempt. He consistently guides me through, letting me know my mistakes, what I am doing wrong and giving me ways how to do it correctly. He is always helpful in answering my questions and appreciate that he will relate most of my questions to his real-life experiences as examples so that I’ll understand better and easier.

Ng KS, 2B, 13 March 2021

I would like to praise Mr William Gay (2297) from G8036 for guiding me all the way while I was learning how to drive. He had never given up on me and would always correct me in a proper tone and he is one of the best instructors who have taught me in group 8036 and he had help me passed my practical test with first try!

Max Svento, 3/3A, 17 March 2021

Thank you to Mr Lam CC (6245) for the lessons I had under him. He was friendly, helpful and taught in a more light-hearted and engaging manner. Lessons were enjoyable and I learnt a lot too. Keep up the good work! 

Rachel, 3/3A, 18 March 2021

Instructor Muhd Farhan (6653) is knowledgeable and his lessons are engaging and easy to understand. He is one of the best instructors around and is a great asset to the company.

Wesley Chia, 2B, 5 March 2021

I am writing in to give my compliment and appreciation to the instructors of G8003 for going through so many rounds of lesson/revision with me. With different instructors, I am learning new things and it will definitely be embedded with me for life.

Not forgetting team leader George Teo (6336) for giving me the much-needed advices too. It’s been a great 4 months of learning experience and am so happy I finally passed. On other hand, lessons for the auto car driving was very well structured even though I take some time to really digest after every lesson. Once again kudos to all for doing a great job to students like me! Cheers to a good 2021 year ahead.

Shirlin Lee, 3A, 26 March 2021

Instructor Annaafi (6655) displays an exemplary role model as an instructor. Instructions were loud and clear with accurate emphasis on important pointers to note for needs drivers like us.  Great job!

Loh JW, 3A, 21 March 2021

I would just like to thank all the G8011 instructor group for helping me pass my driving license on my first try. The instructors are very kind, patient and friendly and always willing to teach.

Xuan Min, 3A, 23 February 2021

Mr Tan TO (6619) is an exemplary instructor. I was delighted to have Mr Tan TO as my instructor for my past 5 driving lessons. He is a very patient and a professional instructor. He gave excellent advice to the mistakes I made and he is a detailed oriented instructor. He is also very encouraging which I think is an important aspect as part of the learning journey. Thank you for being an excellent instructor and to the rest of the awesome instructors which I passed my driving test at the first attempt.

May Ho, 3/3A, 28 February 2021

I would like to thank instructor Lam CC (6245) for his patient coaching for my motorcar course this evening. He was extremely helpful and provided many tips along the way to prepare fully for the practical test. It was a very productive session and this has helped me correct certain mistakes and understand better. A huge thank you once again!

Jean, 3/3A, 17 February 2021

Throughout the lesson, Farhan (6653) was able to teach the lesson in a very upbeat and enthusiastic manner which allowed me and other members to enjoy our lesson.

He provides clear instructions to guide us through our courses and used lots of analogy to help us understand instructions and concepts more easily.  He was also patient when teaching us and cracked lots of jokes during the lesson which even when we made mistakes that were highlighted and correcting them, we were laughing and enjoying ourselves which helped to make the learning process more effective.  He possesses a great teaching attitude and capability.

Hence, I hope to compliment him for it to encourage him to stay motivated to keep this level of enthusiasm for future trainees.

Oscar Koh, 2B, 21 February 2021

Had my first lesson with Mr Tai KM (6705) today and he was so patient throughout the whole session. Definitely need more instructor like him to make the student feel at ease during the lesson. Thank you so much!

Noel, 3/3A, 25 February 2021

The three instructors- Sebastian Kong (6638), Tan SL (6318) & Hassan (6562) were very cheerful and composed in teaching. Felt at ease when driving which made me to learn the process also easily. I think all instructors can be like can be cheerful instead of being so serious.

Vasundra, 3A, 17 February 2021

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