Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC
Testimonials - BBDC
Testimonials - BBDC


Our Collection of Compliments

I would like to thank all the instructors at BBDC who had provided me with their guidance, coaching, and motivated me in my journey to obtain my Class 3A Driving License. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to pass my Traffic Police Driving Test the first time.

Special mention goes to Instructor Tan CH (6048) who was very encouraging and patient during our lessons. In the earlier stage, he gave me the confidence to drive even though it was all new to me.

I would also like to specially thank Instructor Lam CC (6245) whom I was with for only a couple lessons, but whom I believe played a pivotal role in helping me achieve the best outcome. He is a very motivating and knowledgeable instructor who is willing to answer any question you may have. He was forthcoming with his guidance and explained concepts in a simple yet impactful way that made it easy for me to remember. Because of his teaching skills and coaching ability, I improved so much during his lessons and could even apply his advice in subsequent revision lessons right before the test. I am highly impressed by his dedication to his students and grateful for it as well. Would definitely recommend learning driving with him!

Sheryl Wee, 3A, 6 January 2023

Mr Yusoff (6440) is a dedicated and passionate instructor. He makes his students feel comfortable, while ensuring the students get the best instruction. He ensures his students are able to hear, comprehend, and carry out the required steps to learn correctly. Thanks!

Zhang JW, 2A, 8 January 2023

Trainer Syahir (6463) was extraordinarily nice and friendly to the participants. He didn’t give unnecessary remarks or pressure. He ensured all participants had a pleasurable time during the session. in addition, furnishing us with the essential skill to pass our tests.

Koh QK, 2, 10 January 2023

Passed my TP test on my first attempt recently, and would like to commend one of my group’s instructors, Ong YH (6322).

Throughout the course of my practical lessons, he has taught me the most number of times, and has always been an approachable and patient instructor.

Always willing to clarify my doubts, he does not hesitate in giving me pointers to be a more safe and confident driver. For that, I have been able to benefit immensely from his guidance.

Leon Pek, 3A, 23 January 2023

Vincent Lim PL (6704) is a wonderful instructor that I wish to compliment.  I have had difficulty with clearing 3.01 pylon/slalom and luckily I met Vincent on the 6th try.

With a systematic and progressive approach, the details of various techniques required in this lesson are made very clear and easy to absorb in stages that he has broken down.

It is extraordinary that he was able to highlight and correct my phobia of hitting the pylon cones, even when I did not mention it. With an encouraging tone of voice, Vincent helped to imbue confidence in myself, and in his teaching, when I have often felt shitty from multiple previous failures.

Zou XR, 2B, 11 January 2023

I would like to share my experience I had with 3 of your instructors, Muhammad Irfeen (6727), Muhammad Farhan (6653) & Yusoff Khan (6440). I feel like that deserves some recognition as they are amazing at what they do. They have made my learning experience very efficient and made sure that I understand everything very clearly. They even sacrificed their lunch time to teach me properly. They will go out of their way to make sure I understand clearly.

I hope they will get the recognition they deserve.

Ananth Singh, 2A, 27 January 2023

I would like to give my warmest compliment Chong LW (7164) in the TPDS room for her service.

She has a joyful attitude and was very detailed in serving the students in the room.  She is polite and even took the effort to pronounce our name one by one and choose to call our name if there is any comments to be made during the TPDS session.  I am very impressed with how professional she is and her service towards the students there.

Noorhidayat, 2A, 31 January 2023

Compliment to Ms Yu Pei (7167), Customer Service Representative

I like to compliment Ms Yu Pei’s service for my family. On 14 Dec 2022 about 1230pm – 130pm, my wife and I were served by her on the car learning programme. She displayed competency by explaining the car driving package in detailed, and she could respond to our queries confidently and efficiently. Separately, I asked her to check if Senior Instructor Mr Mislam is still with BBDC, as I may want my wife to be taught under his wings (I was taught by him, and had passed the test at 1st attempt in the early 90s under his guidance). Yu Pei made the effort to accede to my request without turning me down.

Throughout the registration period, she remained patient, competent, courteous and cheerful which gives me a good impression that BBDC has trained Yu Pei well for being a customer centric person which not many people can achieve easily!

Please make her the role model for BBDC, and I thank her for her good performance!

Keep up the good work and continue to bring smiles to everyone you meet at work, Yu Pei! You are an asset to BBDC!

Mark Eugene Han, 14 December 2022

I would like to give a huge shoutout to G6003 instructors for their teachings, patience, professionalism, life lessons and humor which made every lesson pleasant and fulfilling! Kudos to them, I passed the TP test in my first attempt!

Thank you Aidil (6759) for believing in me and supporting me throughout! I remembered your words during the test and managed to always move off in the correct gear.

Thank you Iqbal (6776) for checking up on my progress and encouraging me to do my best such that I have more confidence now!

Thanks Steve (6789) for the emotional pep talk just a day before my test which I really need even though it was just simple phrases to calm me down!

Thanks to Taufik (6787) for all the helpful pointers aka crash course that I should take note of at certain areas of the routes!

Thanks to Hakim (6773) for telling me to focus on avoiding immediate failure mistakes which made me less panicky!

Thanks Ashraf (6771) for the right turn and U-turn lessons which I can confidently do now!

Lastly, big thanks to Antonio Joseph (6772), Hamka (6761), Arshad (6538), Azlan (6786), Shahrezza (6749) and Leo CT (2134) for your dedicated teachings! Words are insufficient to express my gratitude for you guys. I will keep all your advice in mind, remain calm and drive safely!

Jie Wen, 3C, 3 December 2022

Thank you SO much to all my instructors at G6007! All credit goes out to all them — I couldn’t have asked for a better group here in BBDC. All of their advice played back consistently through my test and I cannot begin to express how helpful everyone is.

Ong HT (6631): Was the first instructor to fail any of my lessons but for a good reason — my engine braking and footwork hasn’t faltered since, and it is definitely one of those skills that stick with you, and it’s one of those minor details that made me pass with only 10DP. Thank you for being so strict with me and your methods!

Ho JF (6690): God tier parking advice! I’m so confident in my parking in circuit because of him. He is so detailed and you can clearly tell he knows his stuff. He trained my clutch control on a hill for a good 10 minutes, doing nothing but going forward & backward on the slope, making sure I don’t roll back or stall. Haven’t done either since! Once again, it’s these minor details that made me so much more confident for my test, and in my foundation. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher.

Clement Chan (6658): Funniest guy you’ll ever meet! Lessons with him are not only educational, but fun and comfortable as well. He drills you on your skills whilst allowing you to enjoy your lessons. Thank you for making me enjoy my time in BBDC — I’ve never dreaded going to any lessons ever.

Ong Chuan (6646): He teaches the most important techniques! His “toggle eye” tactic is one of a kind, and I cannot emphasise how important it is. He also honed in on my low speed control in circuit, carefully going through each and every step with me a day before my test. He is polite and respectful, only ensuring the best for each student. Thank you for giving me advice that I’m sure will last me a lifetime.

Ryan Tan (6439): There’s only one word to describe Ryan — AMAZING! When he took me for my revisions I instantly could already tell how skilful and precise he is. He is a fantastic teacher, teaching with so much passion and heart. He pushes you to do better, be better and achieve more. He is so encouraging as well — I was so anxious a few days before my test and his “confirm can pass one” instantly gave me the confidence I needed. Thank you for giving me so much confidence & encouragement that I couldn’t have passed without.

Ng CL (2616): He set the foundation for my driving experience — taking me mostly in my first few lessons, he definitely set the standard and prerequisite to pass my test. His easy to understand approach and teaching definitely made my learning experience so much more smooth and enjoyable. Thank you for making lessons feel safe, where I don’t feel afraid to fail and make mistakes.

Kee CH (6740): Definitely an instructor who only wants the best for you — he’s one of those instructors who takes care of their students, understanding that we make mistakes and might not know what to do at times. When I was stuck in heavy traffic and was feeling scared, his kind words and succinct instructions allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to go through. Thank you for being such an awesome instructor!!

Vincent Awyong (6281): Only praises to sing for this instructor! I enjoy his lessons so much — driving lessons can get very serious and scary at times but he does a fantastic job of making a student feel comfortable and relaxed. I am so grateful to Vincent for believing in me when I didn’t. I was so scared for my mock test but his words & encouragement lifted me up, and seeing him place so much faith in me can only lead you to start believing in yourself as well. Thank you for being such a fun & good, and supportive instructor.

Frankie Huang (6308): His teaching method is SO detailed and distinct! To the point where how you use your clutch also matters (knee, not ankle) & advice I haven’t forgotten throughout my entire driving journey. He makes sure you’re never unsure about anything, with understandable step by step instructions that will never fail you. Thank you for being such a wonderful instructor!

While there are some instructors who I’ve never met, I’m very sure that they are of the same standard, hold the same values in ensuring the best for each student.

In addition, I’d also like to thank a few more instructors:

Lim KY (6501): Went through an intense hazard lesson with him! He makes sure and drills you with tactics and skills that will equip you to drive after passing. Super effective, skilful and impactful. I’ve enjoyed all my lessons with him — learnt so much while having an enjoyable time at the same time.

Tiow WP (6649): Once again, another instructor who pulled up my confidence by so much! He also believed in me in a time where I was so afraid of my test — but practiced and supported me days before my test. Super grateful to have gotten such a encouraging instructor days before your test.

Xuelin, 3C, 30 December 2022

I would like to thank the instructors of the G8037 Group who guided me to passing my TP test on the first attempt in spite of my stupid questions and nervousness on the road and in the circuit during the learning and revision stages. In particular, I would like to thank Mr Lau KY (6588) and Uncle James Soh KO (6375). Mr Lau for being strict where it was necessary (during my evaluation at the end of stage 5) and kind and patient when it was needed, the day before my TP test. Uncle James – thank you for being so cheerful and positive, and having faith in me during my two revision lessons with you and taking me on more right turn practices without scolding me even though I’d forgotten how to do it properly.

I would whole-heartedly recommend BBDC to anyone who is considering learning through a school for the clear lesson structure and experienced instructors.

Leong SZ, 3A, 19 December 2022

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my Fixed Instructor Mr Shawal (6581) for the many lessons he patiently taught me. When I first started driving lessons, I was always very nervous and anxious. I was truly blessed to be randomly assigned to Mr Shawal during my circuit lesson. Circuit lessons were particularly challenging for me as I made many strikes and mounts but his calm demeanour and words of encouragement provided much comfort to me. Despite all the silly mistakes I made, he would respond in a kind and calm tone “It’s ok. Don’t worry. Let’s try this again” On the roads, I struggled with lane changes. He is always the voice of reassurance and I felt safe and confident. Mr Shawal always went the extra mile to clarify my doubts, cheer me up and will give me a motivational pep talk after each lesson.

I honestly couldn’t have passed my TP test without him and I truly appreciate everything he has done for me! Thank you, Sir!

Juditha, 3A, 22 December 2022

Instructor Tan MY (2489) is very nice and patient with learner although learner was very slow. When I was stuck at a certain objective, he was very patient and encouraging, and helped me a lot to get through the course objectives. Learning under him was a pleasure!!

I’ve passed my test, thank you so much uncle!

Loh LS, 3A, 5 December 2022

I would like to thank my fixed instructor Mr Caleb Sim (6721) for his guidance and support throughout my learning journey in BBDC!  He has been very patient with me and provide lots of tips. I appreciate his efforts and his efforts paid off as I managed to pass my TP on my first attempt.

In addition, I would like to thank all other instructors from G8011 who have been supportive during my final round of revision lessons! They have been great and I am thankful to be assigned to this group! 😊

Foo XT, 3A, 9 December 2022

I would like to thank the amazing instructors at BBDC.  I have had 5 lessons with 5 different instructors and they have all been fantastic, professional, often funny and make it a lot less stressful than I expected.  Thank you very much.

Anne, 2B, 16 December 2022

I would like to put in good reviews for my group G8032 instructors as most of them were amazing teachers!  I am impressed by their own respective teaching capabilities.  Each was special in their own way 🙂

Mr Syafiq (6640) was very professional and understanding and helped me understand the common mistakes, rules etiquettes and was very reasonable.  I really liked how he continued to be patient despite countless mistakes I made.  He was able to calm my nerves and helped me stay focused.  Due to our close age gap, we  get along very well and I am more open to ask questions.

Mr Rahman (2127) was very professional, experienced and understanding.  Before my TP, he monitored my progress closely and correct alot of crucial mistakes along the way.  He provided me the confidence and focused environment that I needed and gave alot of tips.  What matters most is that, he is very patient, he won’t shout at you for making mistakes.  New drivers need positive reinforcements and Mr Rahman is the perfect instructor.

I was randomly assigned to Mr Azman (2743).  Stick to Mr Azman and driving didn’t felt like a chore.  Love our chats on our drives and feel much more confident and competent as a driver, thanks to his guidance.  He explained the skills required in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.  His teaching aids for car placement and positioning are useful, especially in learning how to perform the skills safely yet efficiently.  He was patient, friendly and professional.  

I would recommend this school to my friends and family.  My warm-up instructor Ms Koreen Oh (6299) made my skills test jitters disappear and she answered my last minute panic questions in a calm and steady manner.  

Fatin Hazirah, 3A, 25 November 2022

I was very fortunate to be assigned to group G8011. I would like to thank Mr Seetho TW (5907), Mr Tommy Ong (6304), Mr Ng JL (6752), Mr Pang KT (2147), Mr Chua SY (6593) and Ms Mui FM (5898) for your guidance throughout my 3A journey.

Special thanks to Mr Caleb Sim (6721) for helping me to pass my test on my first attempt! I was impressed by his patience, professionalism and teaching method that has helped me to overcome my nervousness when doing lane change in heavy traffic. He taught me well that I’ve become a confident and a safe driver. I highly recommend Mr Sim as a fixed instructor to anyone learning to drive and going for their test. Mr Sim definitely deserves more recognition for his awesome service! Got my 3A license in 3 months. Thank you bbdc!

Ong RE, 3A, 9 November 2022

I would like to thank Ms Adeline Mok (6632) for being a wonderful instructor. She is very calm, patient, and friendly when answering clarifications from students. This encourages me to clarify my doubts during lessons. I enjoyed my lessons with her and am grateful for the life-long driving knowledge she imparted to me.

With the valuable test tips she gave during revision lessons, I passed my TP test on the first attempt. Thank you very much, Miss Adeline. Wishing you the best in your future endeavours 🙂

Wong JL, 3A, 18 November 2022

I would like to write in a compliment for my fixed instructor, Ng JL (6752). He has been nothing but supportive.  He is super supportive and patient and very very professional. He teaches in a manner that is calm and strong and understandable. 2-3 sessions with him, my confidence level was high.  He told me to book my TP test and I did. And today I passed thanks to him!

Priyanthi Michael, 3A, 25 November 2022

My lesson with Mr Chan YL (6639) was actually some time ago, but he was a great help to me despite me only having one lesson with him so it’s only right for me to show my appreciation. I am writing to show my gratitude towards his efforts in helping me to improve my parallel parking during revision lesson. He realised what I was lacking and explained in great detail how to avoid making the same mistakes. His advice was timely and useful especially since my test day was approaching, and could potentially mean the difference between a pass or fail. I see all my instructors’ valuable tips and advice as pieces of a puzzle that represents the driving test, without any of them the puzzle couldn’t have been completed. No doubt he is direct and strict when it comes to teaching but it is only for our own good, and I am glad that he is strict when the time calls for it. I know he will continue to make a positive impact on his learners and train them to be safe, skilful drivers!

Crystal, 3A, 19 November 2022

I would like to thank the theory lessons, driving simulator and risk forecast training instructors who helped me understand the theory well that allowed me to put the theory knowledge into the theory tests and in my practical lessons. I would like to also thank Mr Lim KC (2053), Mr Tan TM (2105), Mr Goh CH (2334), Mr Lee KH (6285) and other instructors from G8003. Thank you for the knowledge you have taught from the basics to advanced about the driving skills needed for the practical test. This helped me to obtain a class 3A license. I am very grateful for the kind customer service provided to me.

Maharani AP, 3A, 20 November 2022

I want to thank Caleb Sim (6721) and all the instructors from G8011 for their endless guidance and tips on proper driving techniques and driving safely. I appreciate them as they boosted my confidence and fine-tuned my driving skills during lessons and before my test, thus, allowing me to pass on my first TP test attempt.

Desmond Toh, 3A, 24 November 2022

I would like to thank the Motorcycle Department for all the guidance and support given throughout my course here.  Being a 62-year-old lady, taking motorcycle license is a very daunting yet exciting experience.

I really, really appreciate the encouragements given by all the instructors who turned my anxiety into the most positive learning experience.  I would especially like to express my immense gratitude to instructor Muhammad Farhan Bin Hamdan (6653) for going the extra mile in helping me with my plank. I had failed my TP test twice due to my nervousness doing the plank. Instructor Muhd Farhan sacrificed his break time to look at my weaknesses and gave valuable tips to improve my riding. Thus, with his coaching, I was more confident and passed the test without a trace of nervousness.

Thank you once again to Bukit Batok Driving Centre for the friendly and supportive services and coaching provided.  I will definitely share my positive experiences with my friends and families.

Suriyati, 2B, 1 October 2022

A remarkable thing about BBDC is that throughout your entire learning journey with them, you won’t cease to come across friendly and patient instructors and staff.

I was blessed to be assigned to my fixed instructor Kendrick Ng Jun Long (6752) and his entirely amazing group of G8011, on my 3rd practical lesson. He provided a safe space for me to learn and make mistakes, explained to me in great detail concepts that I didn’t initially find easy to grasp, and taught me valuable techniques (for circuit courses especially). From the very first lesson until right before my TP test, he never failed to be the voice of encouragement. And because of that too, I passed my TP test on the first attempt.

Learning from Kendrick felt a lot like learning from a friend because of how seamless it was to discuss my progress in the course and how sincere he is as an instructor in ensuring you’re skilled and well-prepared for your test.

I’ve driven quite a fair bit on public roads now and I have to say sometimes I still “hear” his voice giving advice or guidance from the passenger seat. Thank you my best instructor, for making my entire learning process with BBDC a wholesome and memorable journey

Sharifa, 3A, 22 October 2022

I am still taking driving lessons, but I would like to compliment Mr Shawal (6581) for having the patience to teach me step by step and cheering me up when I make a mistake . I am quite clumsy and easily distracted but Mr Shawal was there to get me back to focus and was very polite in guiding me . He is a very patient and fun instructor . For my further practical lesson I really hope to get Mr Shawal as my instructor .

Vaneesaa 3A, 10 October 2022

Really thankful to Mr Tan YJ (2052).  He is easily the best instructor I have come across. He is friendly & easy-going, teaches with patience, professionalism & kindness. After each lesson with him, I feel more confident behind the wheel. He makes driving easier for me by sharing extensive techniques for one to control the car. Mr Tan, I really appreciate your kind words & motivating me when I needed it. Thank you!

Shanice, 3C, 14 October 2022

Caleb Sim (6721) is instructor who is really dedicated to teaching his students. He was very patient with me and even allowed me extra practice time the day before my test. He was very thorough with his explanations as well and he helped me build my confidence in driving both on the circuit and on the road. Managed to pass well with his help! Thank you for the guidance, really appreciate it:)

Clara Ng, 3A, 21 October 2022

Customer service member Li Dan Lian (7155) was a professional service staff. She was patient and spoke nicely. Coming from someone with history of working in the service industry, it is easy to let emotions carry over from servicing a uncooperative customer/uninformed customer but she had kept things professional and spoke clearly and concisely and worked to help resolve the issue without making the customer feel berated. I am impressed with the performance of the staff. She had created an environment which allows the customer to feel safe and I believe that is a very important ability as a member in the service industry.

Tan BK, P3, 5 October 2022

I took my driving test on 6/10/22, and I passed on my first attempt. I’m writing to commend Ravishankar (6472) who I attribute this to. He was the instructor for my final revision. I was rusty with both my parking and directional change despite a few practices prior, and he made the decision to stay in circuit for the whole session to drill on the areas that I was lacking in (safety checks!!!). It’s been a year since I last went for my practical lessons, so it was a bit difficult to get the momentum back. Regardless, he taught me everything again, and made sure that I remembered. He was the only instructor who thoroughly made sure I got everything right and corrected the way I was checking my blind spots. I remember getting 22 demerit points + 1 immediate failure during the mock test he did in circuit. During my driving test, I ended up getting only 2 points for my circuit. I’m really grateful that he went through everything again with me and drilled it into my memory until I was confident, don’t think I would have passed if it wasn’t for that revision session 🙂

Kaisah Amalia, 3A, 6 October 2022

First at all, I was very happy because I have passed the test and got my driving license. I would like to thank my very good instructor Tan KK (5893), he taught me a lot of lessons with patience and many useful experience for my test.  I really appreciate his kindness and teaching for me.  I also felt lucky that on the test day, I got instructor Teo TS (2171) for warm up.  He did the best warm up for me before the test, which made me more confident. And one more instructor Ronald Siew (5927), I am also thankful even though he taught me just a few days but his skill helped me a lot on my driving journey. I will recommend some of my friends to BBDC for sure.  This place is very good driving center in my mind.

Nguyen T.H.T, 3A, 18 October 2022

I got my Class 3 license from BBDC more than 25 yrs ago, and this year I’m back to to BBDC for Class 2B and I passed on my FIRST TRY!

Credit must go to BBDC team of well trained motorcycle Instructors for teaching each and everyone of the trainees patiently. Be it under the scorching sun or pouring rain, they are with us. Never losing their cool even when they had to repeat the same thing over and over when trainees make the same mistakes repeatedly (nerves are sometimes difficult to overcome). Injecting fun into the class whenever possible and yet with laser sharp focus on clearing the course effectively and safely.

As a matured lady rider learner, I appreciate that the instructors do keep additional lookout for trainees who are weaker in general. For example, when I push off the bike from main stand, whoever is the nearest instructor would always standby to catch the bike BEFORE my bike tilts. I noticed that if anyone of the trainees dropped the bike, the focus of the instructors will always be to check if the trainees are physically ok, before sorting out the mechanical issues. I felt safer as a result and motivated to learn from BBDC instructors.

SN Peck, 2B, 30 September 2022

I am a returning attendee for my class 2A and I am enlightened to see that the service delivery remains top-notch and the staff are flexible when performing their duties to ensure that customers needs are met.  Today is my first day of lessons and I am very heartened by the service rendered by 2 customer-service staff and 2 instructors (TPDS and Practical 1.01).

Ms Yu Pei (7167) and Ms Dan Lian (7155) were efficient and most polite. They noted that I have a lesson starting soon and they managed to serve me and processed the needful swiftly without hesitation.

TPDS staff Ms Chong LW (7164) was very polite and attentive to ensure that I did not face any difficulties with the simulation machine.

Mr Ang BP (6524), as usual, taught the class with a warm touch and ensured safety, understanding, and practised his own discretion for my concerns faced during the class.

I had an excellent experience for course 2B and I am glad to experience the same a year after. Please compliment the staff involved and all others as they have made BBDC a school where students are relaxed and can learn without fear. As a public service member, this is impeccable.

Max Ng, 2A, 15 September 2022

A big shoutout to Mr Chai YZ (6599) who’s passionate and patient in guiding slow learner like me. Thank you for giving me the confidence to ride and for helping me to overcome my nervousness! His lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciate his encouragement.

Mr Jervim Gan (6703) pays extensive attention to details and provides useful tips in refining my skills. He is extremely thoughtful as he reminded us to keep our phones in the locker in case it gets wet as it rains during the training. He even offered to lend me a pair of gloves when i forgot to bring one, I am touched by his thoughtful actions and I feel he definitely deserves more recognition for he’s awesome service!

In general, motorcycle instructors are highly professional and knowledgeable in every aspects of riding. Kudos to the motorcycle team and I’m looking forward to get my 2B license soon!

Ong RE, 2B, 12 September 2022

I would like to say a big thank you to Caleb Sim (6721), who is very knowledgeable and helpful during the lessons. When I was having difficulties doing lane change in heavy traffic, he gave detailed rules and instructions. Moreover, he taught me how to safety check every time whenever necessary. Moreover, he always kept an eye on my progress, which is responsible and sweet :). I will recommend Sim to those who want a fixed instructor, with his informative teaching methods and passionate attitude to his students.

Yu MH, 3A, 20 September 2022

I would like to compliment Mr Tan HA (2793). Strict but patient and experienced instructor. Thanks so much for your help and endless support in getting my licence. Nearing the test, he even sacrificed part of his lunch break to guide me with vertical parking!!

With his guidance and patience he taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive. His lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciated his encouragement.

I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning to drive. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him and I really appreciate everything he has done for me!  All the best for the future!

Lucy Y, 3A, 27 September 2022

For Mr Rajalingam (1983), Ms Hamidah (3706) , Mr Paul Soh (6471) and Driving Instructors

I passed my 3A Driving on 27/09/2022 after going through the journey of registering, theory, practical & test. It was hard time during covid to go through it but, it is made to happen by all the staff by BBDC.

Especially Customer Service Staff and Driving Instructors who encouraged effective learning to make safe drivers.  I also appreciate Final Driving Testers to check thoroughly of my driving even though I went few tests to qualify. 

In all, I enjoyed learning to get life time driving licence.  I appreciate staff for being cheerful, helpful, humble & giving proper positive guidance to achieve the result.

Sunita, 3A, 28 September 2022

I passed 3A at 1st attempt, thanks to the professional instructors from BBDC. (16 years ago, I also passed my 2B in BBDC too) There are many to name, but the ones that I would like to compliment are:

Chua PC (6045) – A very approachable and friendly instructor who shared a lot of valuable experiences that learners can learn from.

Yau HL (6025) – This is one of the best instructors I ever encountered in BBDC. He was super patient with me despite my mistakes, and he was calm and this really eased my anxiety on taking the test. He also shared with me some tips that none of the instructors shared with me before on the parking techniques, which in the end I thought he was really the instructor that taught me rather than the previous instructors.

Lam CC (6245) – He really boosted my confidence with his kind encouragement and he was the only instructor that taught me how to change lane properly.

All in all, other instructors and the staff (counter) were friendly and addressed my enquiries promptly, thank you BBDC!

Cheng ZW, 3A, 27 September 2022

I want to expressly my thanks to my G6007 instructors, who all have guided me with patience, kindness, empathy, professionalism, and wit. Not only am I now (hopefully) a safe and competent driver, I’m also a better person. These guys have miraculously turned the dreaded journey to BBDC into something I look forward to every time, even as my TP test drew near. I enjoy lessons because of them. Because of their expert training, I passed on the first attempt 🙂

Individually, I’d like to thank:

Ryan Tan (6439): For teaching me stuff above my stage to accelerate my learning. Ryan is knowledgeable, personable, affable, and an all around cool guy. Thank you for pushing and challenging me without having to ask. Ryan uses his prior experience to identify minute lapses in technique to fine tune ability, and deliver an enjoyable ride. His advice to “read the wheels and mirrors” also strongly resonated with me.

Vincent Awyong (6281): He failed my first lesson with him! While Vincent is strict, he wanted me to get more practice so I’d be totally comfortable shifting gears up and down. He’s also incredibly witty and funny – there is never a dull moment in his car. Humour, confidence, and charisma are how he runs. He remembered me despite having a month between our lessons together. I finally passed 4.02 thanks to how at ease he made me feel. Vincent makes you forget your stress so you can focus on doing your best!

Frankie Huang (6308): Frankie is Vincent’s buddy. He tests students on which lane to right turn into at the blind wall to go straight into 47 so the tester cannot trick us. His bright and energetic personality made his lesson engaging. He points out crucial landmarks, sighting points, and positioning tips for circuit courses. Most importantly, he emphasises being vigilant at side roads where cars (and jaywalkers) can pop up unexpectedly.

Lim CL (6059): He pushed me past my speed comfort zone on the road. Because of that, I’m more confident using gear 4 more regularly.

Ng KL (5926): Despite only taking me for one lesson, he remembered me several months later on the day I passed my TP Test. Mr Ng is empathetic, wise beyond words, and insanely principled. He not only taught me driving, he also instilled integrity, compassion, and how to connect with people into me. He is the epitome of kindness. It’s evident why he’s friends with everyone!

Tang Hao (6726): First taught me to reverse using the poles and painstakingly, patiently guided my nervous self to avoid hitting them.

Ng CL (2616): Encouraging, reassuring, and committed to your success, the most important thing Mr Ng said was “We can train you, but only you can calm your heart.” He gave me visual cues to account for my eye issue and I enjoyed all 3 lessons with him.

Ong Chuan (6646): Mr Ong not only drilled my turning points and taught me his ‘eye toggling’ trick, he also expanded my Chinese vocabulary… Jokes aside, he is dedicated, lively, and highly alert. He’s also taken 3 of my evaluations: 1.10, 3.10, and 4.01! He never promises to pass you, only ensures that when you do pass, you deserve it. He taught me to drive in morning peak hour traffic which I’ll always be grateful for. A day before my test, he took time out of his break to advise me.

Ong HT (6631): Beyond navigating sharp turns in the circuit, Mr Ong taught me that how we respond to a mistake is as important as correcting it. He had every opportunity and right to scold me when I made a terrible mistake. I would have accepted any and all rebuke from him. Yet, with patience and compassion, he gently corrected me and explained why I shouldn’t have made it. He is an example to all instructors.

Ho JF (6690): Terance Ho is one of the nicest instructors you’ll meet. Not only does he have god-tier vertical parking advice, he methodically broke down the parallel parking steps, making me get out of the car each time so I knew exactly what he was referring to. On my second last revision lesson, he kept encouraging me to be calm and decisive especially when moving off and changing lanes in challenging traffic.

Chan YL (6639): Mr Chan remembers each student by name and tracks their progress. He specially took time from his hectic schedule to give advice, reassurance, and comfort whenever he saw me before my test. He’s intent on not just getting courses, but getting TO the courses, right. Doing things safely and properly is his no.1 priority. He personally directed me to the TPDS room when I was lost at night. He challenged me with route 3 the first time he saw me during 2.10 because he believed in me.

Clement Chan (6658): He remembered me despite taking me only once. He always had my back, said hi to me every time he saw me, and when I passed my test, he let me know he was proud and to drive safely. Clement is humorous, engaging, and strict, everything an instructor should be. He may be young, but he’s proficient; more importantly, he was my friend.

Kee CH (6740): Adrian is calm, knowledgeable, and comforting. I never had anything but zen and chill lessons with him. He saw me first at lesson 6 (21 April) and he was there when I passed my big test (9 September). He re-taught me right turns upon seeing my hesitancy, remembered me though we hadn’t met in a month, and he’s always waved hello. Besides vigilance and everything else learners should employ, he highlights what NOT to do as a qualified driver. He is a big part of why I look forward to driving.

Lastly, Uncle James Tan (5904), Ang EC (6628), Iqbal (6776), and Lee ET (2571), thank you for teaching me once. James was warm and encouraging on my first ever lesson.

Thank you to warm up instructor Ng AH (2795) who also taught me 2.07 and 2.08. Slopes are the one thing I’ve never stalled on thanks to him and Mr Lee. Mr Ng’s warmup session ironically went much better than my test, which shows his reassuring manner. He found me after the test to check in too.

Thank you to Steve (6789) who had unwavering and steadfast belief in me. Steve would always say hi. He’s an extraordinarily patient instructor and I hope he scored high on his evaluation that day.

Thank you Instructor Hannan (6781) who was so chill, I drove a lot better towards the end. His message was to always be careful and keep yourself and others safe. He’s damn inspiring.

Thank you Hakim (6773), for introducing me to auto!

Apart from my G6007 instructors, these guys are the best of BBDC 🙂 Thank you again, all.

Cheryl, 3C, 10 September 2022

I would like to write in a compliment for Ang KK (6478) for BTL 1.02. He is friendly and approachable. Definitely made the theory lesson more fun and interactive with his cheerful attitude. Awesome instructor. Please kindly let him know that we appreciate his effort and time as well as his cheerful personality. Thank you!

Jacky Seow, 2B, 4 August 2022

I would like to express my gratitude to the instructors in the G8011 group for their diligent guidance.

Particular thanks to instructor TAN HC (2890) for his attentive coaching and highly insightful lessons, which enabled me to correct my mistakes and pass my test on the first attempt. Besides, Instructor Tan also made lessons enjoyable and relatable for first-time drivers, while always emphasising defensive driving methods.

Shu Jun, 3A, 19 August 2022

I would like to compliment Mr Ang EC (6628) for his friendliness, helpfulness, and professionalism. He was very patient with me and guided me slowly when I struggled with the lesson plan until I finally understood it. I could see it was tiring for him to guide me and still guide the rest, but he didn’t stop. Keep it up Mr Ang and thank you

Andre Kwek, 2B, 25 August 2022

I’ve just completed my TP test and I’ve passed. I would like to compliment Instructor Muhammad Shawal (6581) for his teaching methods. I’ve got him as my instructor for about half of my lessons and the way he teaches me have really been beneficial to me which allowed me to pass and also given me confidence in driving. I hope to see more instructors like him in the future to coach future students. Thank you.

Ashvin, 3A, 25 August 2022

Ng JL (6752) was by far the most helpful instructor during all my practical lessons. He motivated me enough to pass my driving test today. Whenever I needed help, he would let me know how I can assess the situation, giving me lots of pro tips that might come across during test. Thank you for hiring such a motivated instructor who cares about the well-being of all his students.

Kennice W, 3A, 29 August 2022

Passed my driving test on the first try but definitely would not have done it without my group G8030 instructors, especially Mr Siew MW (5927) who was strict with me to ensure I correct all my bad habits and Ms Adeline Mok (6632) for giving me very valuable advice and tips and going the extra mile to clarify my doubts.

Also want to express my thanks to Mr Vincent Lim (6704) for being very encouraging and teaching me to trust my own judgement during my second practical lesson (we joked about how I always cannot make it at the two sharper bends in the circuit but for other bends it was fine) and Mr Victor Lim (6702) for reminding me to drive defensively and patiently explaining the rationale behind his instructions so that I know why I do certain things instead of just what to do.

Many other BBDC instructors also provided a lot of help along the way and I am grateful to BBDC for training me to be a safe driver besides imparting to me the basic skills for driving.

Last but not least, thank you BBDC customer service staff for being responsive and friendly in answering my queries!

Crystal, 3A, 4 August 2022

I would like to thank Mui FM (5898) for all her advices and her guidance during my lessons with her.  I booked my last revision lesson in the morning, same day as my TP test in the afternoon.  She told me to be confident and told me not to see me in school again!

I just want to tell her “Mui Jie, thank you! I passed my license!”

Li Ling, 3A, 13 August 2022

I had taken my TP 3A driving test earlier today 24/8/2022, and am very happy to have passed the test.

I wish to send my compliments to my 3 instructors who had guided me all these while.  They are Tommy Ong (6304), Seetho TW (5907) & Pang KT (2147).  

My driving skills had improved tremendously under the guidance of these 3 instructors.  They had been very patient with me, taught me very well, pointed out the areas that I need improvement.  I will remember what they had taught me and apply them in my driving on the road in future.  These 3 instructors deserved a commendation from the driving centre for their great work.

Ryan Quek, 3A, 24 August 2022

I believe these gentlemen- Sulaiman (1009), Lau GL (6623) & See YY (6343) deserve recognition for their dedication, passion and patience to teach. Being an instructor to teach and educate students from all walks of life is never easy and it’s hard work and perseverance. They create the positive attitude towards students. Teaching the techniques on handling and maneuvering motorcycles with full enthusiasm always inspired me.  They are the ambassador and also an assets to BBDC. They are in fact the role models to other peers instructors. Thank you Sirs for guiding and I’m sure I will be back for Class 2.

Shahul H, 2A, 25 August 2022

I’m proud to compliment Ms Chong LW (7164) (TP Simulator Host) for having a great etiquette by providing good customer service! A great thing about Ms Chong is that, I’ve observed she would address the customers by the salutation “Mr/Ms” followed by the name. She guided me and explained why do accidents happen during drink driving. Aside from that, she even apologised to me for the wait. 

However, I would like BBDC management to give a token of appreciation to Ms Chong who had done an amazing job by handling each of the guest’s enquiry and providing great service! Keep it up Ms Chong! I pray the best for your future endeavors. 🙂 

Afandy, P3A, 26 August 2022

I was pleasantly surprised by the extremely excellent service rendered by staff, Ms Chong LW (7164), who was in-charge of the Simulator sessions today. She was extremely polite, courteous, helpful, patient and respectful to each and every person who came into the room. She addressed everyone with a Mr/Ms before their name, takes time to explain to each person where to wait, how to start, and what to do even after they completed their lesson etc. It must have been tiring for her to have to repeat herself to each person who attended the simulator session but she did it with such grace and showed how professional and competent she was. I have nothing but praise for her.  Ms Chong LW definitely deserves recognition for her dedication and excellent service! Thank you for making my day!

Nizza, 3A, 15 July 2022

For sure this is going to be a highlight, I was impressed with Mr. See YY (6343). He is a dedicated instructor with full of patience to teach. I felt the lesson was well spend and worth taking. Mr. See literally followed each and everyone of the student who pointed out the flaws and mistakes. Not scrutinizing but correct with full of ethics. He’s really knowledgeable and also shows his experience in mentoring the students. Lesson well taught and can’t went wrong. Easily understood. I believe he is the gem and asset to BBDC. He portrayed the image of BBDC and should be role model to the rest of the instructors. Kudos Mr. See YY, you crossed our path. Hope to see you for my Class 2.

Shahul H, 2A, 13 July 2022

It has been a pleasant journey taking the course at BBDC.Would like to thank the instructors who have been so patient with me and guiding me throughout the lessons. They are a passionate team, experienced and most importantly very professional instructors.

Sincere thanks to: Wong CF (6376), Mui FM (5898), Ker Sam (2018), Ong YH (6322), Ng JL (6752), Yusoff Khan (6440);Theory Section- Stephen Teow (2222) and Patrick Sum (2737).

Also a big thank you to frontline staff: Chong SY (6612) & Sun YY (7137) for their professionalism & well-equipped with their knowledge of answering my query.

Kindly acknowledge these staff’s value in the organisation and commend the individuals on their merits.

Eunice K, 3A, 3 July 2022

I would like to compliment my instructor, Yusuf (6498) for making my first practical lesson a very good and fruitful one!

As it was my first lesson and first time driving, I was very nervous and scared, but he calmed me down and made the whole lesson very worth it and enjoyable! He was very patient and nice with me which made me feel very comfortable and happy! Also, he made sure that I understood what I was learning during the lesson by consistently giving me feedback and also asking me if I have any questions.

Highly recommend him! Hope to see him more for my upcoming practical lessons!

Emira F, 3A, 19 July 2022

I would like to thank my group G8002 Instructors for training me for my Practical lessons for the last one year. I particularly like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my Fixed Instructor Mr Mazlan (6056) who has guided me the most in my training for my driving test. I finally passed the test after 3 attempts. I wish to compliment him for his patience, support and guidance throughout my lessons. His experience speaks volume as an Instructor and is shown during the lessons when he conducts them. His tips are very helpful and useful to me and I benefitted alot. He has calmed me many times when I was anxious and never reprimanded me or get annoyed with me. I highly recommend him to be awarded as the best instructor in BBDC. New students will definitely benefit from his coaching and training. I wish him all the best for his future and hope to recommend him to my friends and relatives should they decide to take up driving lessons.

Padmavathi C, 3A, 21July 2022

I would like to compliment and thank Instructor See YY (6343) for his dedication and teaching of motor practical 1.01 this early morning.

As a newbie girl beginner and first time at the practical, I felt nervous when I reached the centre. However, he assisted and explained on the registration procedures to me patiently, what to do and prepare, and guided me on how to operate a motorcycle. Despite the heavy vehicle and dangers, Instructor See YY was still very patient and calm even after my few falls and many beginner step trials.

At the end of the session, I was able to manoeuvre the motorcycle in the circuit and felt a little more confident than before attending the lesson.

Thank you so much!

Elis, 2B, 6 July 2022

My instructor Mislam (5921) was really experienced in his teaching and I am really grateful for his advices. He was sincere and knowledgeable, which definitely helped me a lot during my revision lesson. Would like to thank him for the lesson today and I had really learnt a lot. Thank you sir!

Jazli, 3A, 9 July 2022

Instructor Yusuf (6498) was very patient in guiding me. He taught me good techniques to correct driving mistakes and made me more confident. In my honest opinion, he is the best driving instructor I came across so far. I hope this message is passed on to him. Thank you so much 🙂

Begonia Goh, 3A, 15 July 2022

I want to thank the instructors from Group G6003. Special thanks to instructor Muhd Iqual (6776), for the parallel parking and revision lessons! He was very patient and gave extremely useful and easy to understand advices e.g. turning point in circuit courses, clutch control to drive smoothly and things to look out for safe driving.

Greatly appreciate the guidance, it really helped me a lot and I passed my TP test! Please help to convey my thanks!

Yang, 3C, 20 July 2022

I want to say a big thank you to Mr Vincent Lim (6704). He understood that I have confidence issue with driving and driving anxiety. Instead of making me feel worst, he was the only instructor who keep believing in me and told me to think positively.  He was the only one who made me hit the curb on purpose so as to know how far I could go during parallel parking. I appreciate this a lot as during my test, I knew my limits.  Mr Vincent taught me 3 car position with safety check in detail. He was not my instructor yet he try his best to his ability to help me.

I’d like to thank Mr Dalton Ch’ng (6661) for teaching me slope. He told me to accelerate till 3.5 and let go clutch till 1. Also, I want to thank him for encouraging me when I needed it the most.

Thanks to instructors Benny Pon (6736) & Mr Peck JW (6732) from my group G6069.

Neo PL, 3C, 26 July 2022

Kendrick Ng JL (6752) is a super good driving instructor! During my driving lessons, I am able to ask him any queries about driving safety etc, and he will patiently teach the various topics as he is very informative. The parallel parking, vertical parking, S course and crank course techniques that he taught me were very good too, I used to be worried when parking, but I am now confident in parking and doing the S course and crank course safely after his lessons. Thank you for being such a great driving instructor!

Amanda, 3A, 13 June 2022

Ronny (6774)– I would like to express my gratitude to an instructors who have shaped and moulded me as a safe driver.  Please feel free to ask him how patient he has been with me throughout the course of my journey in BBDC. Could say I’m one of the fortunate ones to be under his care as he has done his utmost best to guide me to be a safe and competent driver. Although there are times when we argued because he can be super annoying, but he made sure that his advices goes inside my brain. I admit, most of the time I don’t listen to his reminders.  Despite that, he continued to guide me along without fail. One of the many things  he said to me that I will never forget is that, he will never give up on his fixed students. Although he said there are times where he did want to because I can be a handful.

To say that I’m grateful is an understatement, he believed in me when I didn’t and he gave me many advices not only in driving, but also in my personal life. He definitely made an impression in my life. Ronny has live up to his responsibility as a BBDC employee by making the lessons engaging and fun for any student who will be under his care.

Hassim (2057)– May God bless this old man for guiding me as my TP date is nearing. I’ve been under his care for 3-4 days prior to the date and he had made sure that I am well prepared for it. Could simply say he is like a father figure to me therefore I am eternally grateful to Hassim for covering Ronny. It was such a joy to have him as my instructor, please let him know that. With his expertise, he has definitely equipped me with the necessary skills to ensure that my TP will go smoothly. Which it did I think? Thank you Hassim for sharing your life stories, making my session more interesting.

Dinah Amirah, 3A, 20 June 2022

I would like to shout out to group G8011 and my fixed instructor Ng JL (6752)!

G8011 instructors are friendly and always work so passionately to make sure customers get the best learning experience! I always enjoy my lessons and thanks to my fixed instructor, I passed my TP with 1st attempt! He was very helpful and always address all my concerns. Now I have my 101% confidence thanks to him!

THANK YOU G8011 for being top notch friendly and professional customer service I have received!

Jacqueline Ng, 3A, 4 June 2022

I passed my driving test today on first attempt and I could not thank enough to all the instructors from G8011. Especially, to Instructor Ng JL (6752). Under his guidance, I have gained confidence and am able to learn tips and tricks for both circuits and public road driving. Last but not least, Thanks again for the wonderful learning experience and guidance.

Ye Khant Ko, 3A, 15 June 2022

A very big thank you to my driving instructor, Mr Zulwairi (6430). He is patient, knowledgeable and professional in his duties during my driving lesson. He constantly motivates and encourages me during the driving lesson. He imparts knowledge not only which teaches me how to pass driving, but also makes me a safer driver on the road. I am able to ask questions when I am in doubt and his willingness to share and teach makes the driving lesson impactful. Mr Zulwairi is one of the many instructors in BBDC who really puts in effort in guiding his students to prepare them for the practical driving test. Thumbs up, Mr Zulwairi.

Fang JJ, 3A, 20 June 2022

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the instructors who have guided me in G8011, they are the ones who made it possible for me to pass my TP on my first attempt. Two instructors that have made my learning journey extremely pleasant would be Rosli (2679) and Ng JL (6752). They were very approachable and friendly during my lessons and shared lots of useful tips in circuit and test routes. If you are looking for a stress free driving experience, these two instructors are the ones you should be looking out for. All in all, thank you for all the guidance and wonderful learning experience!

Esther Lim, 3A, 23 June 2022

Thank you Syed Ibrahim (6354)!  I passed my big test. I was waiting for you after test but did not see you. Thank you very much Sir for your guidance and patience. Thank you.

Jahidul, 3C, 4 June 2022

I would like to give my thanks to the instructors from my group G6019, they were all very friendly and accommodating. Particularly, Pek SK (6073) who took most of my last stretch of lessons before my driving test. Not only did he point out small mistakes that I made, he made the lesson very friendly while being strict at his teachings. With the confidence and tips that he gave me, I was able to pass my test in one go 🙂 Once again thank you so much to all my instructors and BBDC!

Denzel, 3C, 10 June 2022

I took my third Class 2 practical lesson (1.01) and I did not cleared as well. I believe I needed more practice. I had not rode for more than 20 years. My class 2A was obtained from BBDC in June 1998.

I would like to compliment your motorcycle instructor, Mr Tay ZY (6766). He is patient and motivates us to try for better results. He explains in details what to expect during assessment, he is very approachable. Thank you BBDC for instructor like Mr Tay.

Liaw CK, 2, 17 June 2022

Instructor Chua SY (6593) who guided me throughout my 2B RC was admirably patient and gave me different tips on the course that I had difficulty with while in the circuit. I started off nervous as I hadn’t been on the bike for months but his composed manner gave me the confidence to finish off the circuit. Thank you for your thorough guidance, Mr. Chua!

N. Hazarina, 2B, 25 June 2022

Lau GL (6623) is patience in explaining and go extra mile to teach each of us. To the extend he pillion us. Explained the techniques of cornering and throttling in S course. Throughout this 2A course I never see any instructor do that. He makes learning exciting and correct where we went wrong. 

Shahul H, 2A, 27 June 2022

Thank you to my instructor, Adeline Mok (6632). She is always very well prepared and patient while guiding me through the lesson. She went above and beyond to clarify my doubts and give me confidence when I’m driving. I also learned a lot of driving tips from her. She has helped me become more confident on the road, and I really enjoy lessons with her.  A big thank you to her.

Yang HX, 3A, 10 May 2022

Would like to thank all my instructors from G8030. In particular, would like to give heartfelt thanks to Ms Adeline Mok (6632). She is very patient, calm, knowledgeable and encouraging. Gave generous advices for TP test. Blessed to be taught by her during my 2 revision lessons and I passed my TP test on first attempt. Thank you very much.

Daslyn Ng, 3A, 19 May 2022

I just passed my Driving Test today!

I would like to thank and compliment some of the driving instructors I had in the past. However, I did not quite catch all of their names. I was in group G6019Mr Lau SM (6745) in my group who is very pleasant when teaching and makes driving a fun experience. I also would like to thank my past two instructors from my last few lessons, Pek SK (6073) and Hau KW (6617). Do help to convey my thanks to them!

Shaun Gan, 3C, 18 May 2022

A big Thank You to my best of the best Instructor Ng JL (6752). He is not only very professional and friendly, he’ll also give you tips on good driving techniques. I can guarantee that all his learners will definitely have a stress free & safe driving experience. I can’t thank him enough  for his patience, good guidance to gain confidence in driving and because of him, I passed my driving test today in one attempt! Feeling proud to be one of his learners!

Thawdar Aung, 3A, 30 May 2022

I would like to give my greatest thanks to all the staff working at BBDC. People at the front desk and registration area were very nice and helpful. All the instructors that have taught and guide me throughout my learning journey in BBDC were very patient and encouraging.

Special mentions:I would like to give a special mention to this particular driving instructor, Mr Lam CC (6245) for being extra patient and supportive. He gave me lot of motivation and courage to conquer my fear & nervousness in driving! 🙂

Had a great learning experience here at BBDC. Thank you everyone and have a nice day! 🙂

Dorene, 3A, 9 May 2022

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the instructors of G6002 – particularly Mr. See YY (6343), Mr. Lim KP (2076), Mr. Lim HC (6226), Mr. Ching BH (2552), Mr. Lee YC (5916) & Mr. Chua KS (6694) who had taught me at least twice. Despite the many mistakes I made during lessons, they were patient and gentle in correcting me. They also gave me the space to learn and address my weak points. Even though I stalled countless times on the circuit slope for consecutive 2-3 lessons, each time the instructor was encouraging and gave me advice on how to move off successfully. Not to forget that when I shared that I’m worried I need many attempts for my manual license, they were all encouraging and told me to be confident. I’m so pleasantly surprised to be able to pass my class 3 TP test on the first attempt, thanks to their meticulous guidance.

I would like to thank my warm-up instructor Ng KL (5926) for being patient despite me being a nervous wreck.

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience learning at BBDC and would recommend friends/family should they wish to take up a driving course. I hope my compliments will reach them.

Tan HR, 3C, 9 May 2022

Even though Ronny Van (6774) is a relatively young and new driving instructor, he has a wealth of knowledge on driving and is always very eager in sharing very effective driving tips and passing techniques to his students. I am often unable to see the turning points as stated on the driving handbook for courses like S-course. However, Ronny was always able to think out of the box to brainstorm on “cheat codes” to help me grasp the turning points instantly. Ronny also took a step further in accelerating my learning by relating the lessons (especially safety tips) to real life examples that will be very vital for my application to real life driving now that I have gotten my license.

With an additional time constraint factor that I have to attain my driving license before my upcoming surgery, Ronny has been focused in teaching me in all my lessons and was determined to help me pass my license on my very first try. He has been very strict with me in my lessons which indeed contributed to helping me achieve my license on my very first test attempt and for that I am very grateful to Ronny.

I would also like to thank the other instructors from my fixed group G8002 who have been very enthusiastic in guiding me along my journey for my revision lessons, giving me many safety tips and test tips.

I sincerely hope that BBDC will be able to groom more instructors like them which will nurture a future generation of safe drivers on Singapore roads.

May Kwek, 3A, 25 April 2022

I attended RC class on the 18th with Victor Lim (6702). I had a very patient instructor who took the effort to explain the various circuit and how to approach them. Appreciate his positive energy and drive in teaching us and ensuring the class was conducted efficiently.

Daniel Choo, 2B, 19 April 2022

I would like to express my greatest appreciation to my revision instructor Tan KK (5893) from group G8030, who taught me with patience and kindness, walked me through over and over again with constant encouragement and guidance. I would also like to thank my warm-up instructor, Paul Soh (6471), who gave me lots of encouragement before my practical test. It’s been a great learning experience here.

Du ZR, 3A, 22 April 2022

I would like to give thanks to my instructor Noorhisam (2813) who was very dedicated and knowledgeable in what he does. As I was going for TP soon, he helped to point out my mistakes and give really solid advice during the session that I manage to improve. Thank you for the help.

Jazli, 3A, 30 April 2022

I would like to give my heart felt thanks to the group of instructors in group G8036, especially to Lam CC (6245) and Loh BT (6477). Lam was cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable. He will always correct my mistakes (which I felt was extremely helpful) when driving and give me a lot of tips like how to maneuver in the circuit or in busy road. For Loh, a very patient, calm and knowledgeable guy, who I was with mostly during my last stage of learning. He helped to polish my skill and was very generous in his advice (which is very important just before my TP test!). He was very attentive and always answered all my nitty-gritty queries patiently. I really appreciate the teachings and guidance from the rest of the instructors too! I passed my TP Test on 1 try and thanks to the instructors at BBDC! Yay!

Jessica, 3A, 14 April 2022

Would like to express heartfelt thanks to all G8036 instructors. They have given the best guidance, teachings & advices during my learning., which made me passed my test on first attempt! Special thanks to the following instructors, Lam CC (6245), Loh BT (6477), Tan KH (2500) for their patience! Many more to thanks but forget to get their names! Highlight again, G8036 have the best & experienced instructors! GOGO guys!

Pei Pei, 3A, 27 April 2022

I would like to extend my gratitude to the instructors of group G8030, in particular Pek SK (6073), Adeline Mok (6632), Paul Soh (6471), Teo HL (2814) and many many more. I’m an exceptionally slow learner, a nightmare student for instructors but they exhibited extraordinary patience, were extremely encouraging, meticulous in teaching and caring for me. Being able to pass my driving test wasn’t just based on my own merit alone and to say I’m extremely grateful is an understatement. At the end of my journey with BBDC, it was more than driving knowledge, skills and good driving habits that I’ve picked up, I’ve also learnt from the instructors that I can never go wrong with a generous and selfless spirit. By putting this testimonial here, I hope they get to know that their sacrifices didn’t go unnoticed, I deeply appreciate all the instructors’ efforts, patience, dedication, kindness and everything they’ve done for each and every of their student. Thank you for making my journey at BBDC so memorable, enjoyable and rewarding!

Chanel Lee, 3A, 30 April 2022

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