Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC

Testimonials - BBDC
Testimonials - BBDC
Testimonials - BBDC

When I first started my lessons, I always felt that driving was a huge hurdle, until I was fortunate enough to have Ong RH (6793) as my instructor and always looked forward to having him for my classes. He gave a lot of reassurance and by his words “Learn how to walk and then you will learn how to run”. Gradually with each class and his guidance, I got a lot more confident in my driving and am proud to credit my passing to him.  Will always recommend if anyone can specially book or request for him, you driving learning journey would definitely be a smooth one.

Sherilyn, 3A, 5 May 2024

Big thanks to Mr Ryan Tan (6439) and his G6007 team of instructors for their dedication and guidance throughout my Class 3 learning journey, really enabled me to pass my driving test first try smoothly. Their commitment to ensuring every learner under them receives the best training and support is truly admirable and made my BBDC experience a very positive one. Kudos to them!

Paul Hong, 3C, 7 May 2024

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Group G8038 instructors for your guidance and supports throughout my journey in learning to drive.

A special thanks to Mr Paul Soh (6471), Mr Lam CC (6245) and Mr Lee BT (2019). Your expertise, patience, and encouragement have truly made a significant difference in this journey.

Thank you for your hard work!

Lu YQ, 3A, 9 May 2024

Dear Team G8038,

Mr Chai YZ (6599), Lee BT (2019), Soh FS (2069), Phang NP (2284), Tan HC Micheal (2890), Yau HL (6025), Tan CH (6048), Lam CC (6245), Soh Paul (6471), Chua TW (6479) and Ong Chuan (6646)

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the exceptional instruction and guidance your team has provided. Your dedication, patience, and expertise have made a significant impact on the lives of your students, and I am thrilled to acknowledge your outstanding work.

Your ability to create a supportive and encouraging learning environment has helped build confidence and skills behind the wheel. Your instructors’ passion for teaching and commitment to excellence shines through in every lesson, and it’s evident that you all genuinely care about the success and safety of your students.

Please extend my gratitude to each and every one of your instructors and staff members. Their hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a talented and professional team.

Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you again for all that you do!

Mya, 3A, 8 May 2024

Mr Azri (6853) is a very patient instructor.  Despite my repeated mistakes, he remained calm and composed, always correcting me with patience and understanding. He also ensured that my basic techniques are strong before building up on them. He also took great care in ensuring that I understood each step well before proceeding on to the others.  Thank you for your hard work and patience!

Indhu, 3A, 3 April 2024

Mr. Gary Ho SP (2710) is one of the best instructors I have met throughout my journey in BBDC!

I passed my Driving Test on my 1st try on 9th April 2024 as my instructor taught me everything very patiently and was willing to guide me through every course and even the tips and tricks to doing everything correctly.  I feel that he has made me become a great and safe driver.

Thank you, Mr. Gary Ho!

Tng JW, 3A, 8 April 2024

Highly recommend Mr Lau GL (6623). I had failed 3 times on road test till Mr Lau be my fixed instructor. He taught lots of technical tips and encouraged me all the time. Also thanks Group G8011 ,they are patient and skilful .

Ms Gao, 3A, 17 April 2024

i would like to compliment the team G8011 that took my lessons. They have been extremely supportive and helpful in my journey of getting my license. Despite only passing BTT at the end of February 2024, I managed to get my license within two months. additionally, I would like to comment Mr Lau GL (6623) for always reassuring me whenever he takes my lessons and putting in extra effort to ensure I learnt my driving well. I had an extra amazing experience with BBDC, thanks to the team and will definitely recommend BBDC to my peers and family.

Joelle, 3A, 26 April 2024

Shukur (6809) has been a great instructor to me.

Not only does he prepare you for all the possible scenarios, he prepare you mentally and emotionally as well.  He went the extra mile of ensuring that I have adequate lessons and ensure that my timeline to take my TP is on track.  Not only did I managed to get my license, I managed to forge a good friendship as well.

Thanks Shukur!

Khairul H, 3C, 17 April 2024

Passed my 3A TP test on 22nd April 2024.

Was under fixed group G8039, I would like to extend my gratitude to my very kind and patient instructors. I did not have a single bad experience with any of the instructors assigned to me. All of them were very encouraging, rendered constructive advices and aided me a lot in building up my confidence on the road. Have always looked forward to my lessons and thanks to them, managed to pass my TP on my first try!

Also, a huge thanks to the Customer Service staff, those manning the TPDS, HBTL, Theory Lessons, for their impeccable customer service. Consistently approachable and helpful to everyone regardless.

Had a very pleasant experience overall and highly recommend BBDC to those who are looking to obtain their licenses.

Dianah H, 3A, 24 April 2024

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding guidance and support BBDC instructors (assigned to me) provided throughout my driving lessons. Instructor’ s dedication and patient to provide the confidence and competence needed to navigate the roads safely and responsibly.

I’d like to express my appreciation to Ryan Tan (6439) (my warm up test instructor) and Hoh CF (6355).  I truly appreciate the time instructors invested in tailoring each session to address my specific needs and areas of improvement.

Nguyen Hoang TN, 3A, 26 April 2024

I would like to thank Mr Mazlan (6056) for guiding me well and his excellent teaching and advice. He is very friendly and amicable and I really enjoyed learning from him. He also made the effort to go above and beyond his regular duties to come up to me on the day of my test to inform me of a recent change in one of the test routes regarding a u-turn, which may have affected my test later.

I am also really grateful for the other instructors in G8039 (notably Mr Arshad (2563) and Mr Hazlan (6426)) as I managed to pass on my first try under their guidance. I would also like to highlight Mr Ng JL (6752), my warm up instructor as he very easy-going and really encouraged me and helped to ease my nerves before the test even though I made several serious mistakes during warm-up. Thank you!! 😀

Samrita Das, 3A, 27 April 2024

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation and commendation for Mr. Danial (6837) for his exceptional service as a driving instructor at BBDC. Having had the privilege of being under his guidance, I can attest to his incredible patience, passion, and professionalism in his role.

Mr. Danial possesses a unique blend of expertise and dedication, which is evident in his teaching approach. His supportive demeanor and patient guidance create a conducive and calm environment for learning, enabling me as a student to feel confident and at ease behind the wheel.

I firmly believe that instructors like Mr. Danial play a crucial role in shaping the future members of BBDC into not only skilled drivers but also responsible and conscientious individuals who contribute positively to the safety of Singapore’s roads.

In recognition of Mr. Danial’s outstanding performance and unwavering commitment to excellence, I wholeheartedly recommend him for any accolades or recognition he may be eligible for. His exemplary service reflects positively on BBDC, and I am confident that he will continue to inspire and empower his students for years to come.

Barath M, 3C, 5 April 2024

Hi I would like to feedback on one of your driving instructors, Kenneth from Group G8006. I was a learner under him, majority of my lessons were taught by him, especially towards the end of my learner journey. I would like to compliment instructor Kenneth on his thorough guidance and patience during the practical lessons. I am immensely grateful for the guidance and support provided by my dedicated driving instructor throughout my journey to passing my driving test. His patience, expertise, and unwavering encouragement played a pivotal role in boosting my confidence behind the wheel and refining my skills.

Instructor’s Kenneth ability to tailor lessons to my individual needs ensured that I not only mastered the fundamentals but also developed the necessary awareness and judgment required for safe and responsible driving. His passion for teaching and commitment to excellence truly shine through, making him not just an instructor, but a mentor I deeply admire and appreciate. Thank you for being an exceptional driving instructor and helping me achieve this significant milestone in my life.

Koh KH, 3A, 18 April 2024

THANK YOU to all the instructors who taught me in group G8038!! From young, I am bad at directions and have no awareness of my surrounding. You can imagine how dangerous a combination that is for a driver. But the instructors were so amazing, with their patience and hard work I am slowly able to over come this! In the end, I passed my TP exam in my first try with BBDC, within 3 months since I first got into the car, I got my license, cannot believe it!!

Special thanks to Mr Paul Soh (6471), who is sooo nice, patient and kind, he not only consistently make sure I was feeling confident, that I had enough practice, he also tried his best to book extra lessons and even took OT just to make sure I got more practice and feel better about the coming exam. To Mr Lee BT (2019) who took me for many lessons and helped me in my last 2 practice class, Mr Lam CC (6245) who taught me to come with a plan before driving, Mr Ong Chuan (6646) who taught me lane change, crank course and many more, Mr Yau HL (6025) who taught me to drive with confidence and traffic flow on the road, Mr Tan HC (2890), Mr Phang NP (2284) whom i learned so much from, really glad I was taught by this these amazing bunch of instructors! will definitely recommend BBDC to all my friends!!

Jeanette Low, 3A, 18 April 2024

I would like to thank the instructors who have taught me for Class 2B. Most notably to Mr Steve (6789), Mr Ang BP (6524), Mr Benny Pon (6736). I cannot remember each individual names but hope the school is able to retrieve it and pass on my thanks to them properly and sincerely. I think in this day and age, it is rare to find such dedicated instructors!

They have not only been very thorough with conducting the lessons, they have taught me great skills and are not shy with imparting knowledge to me. As a student, I enjoyed all the lessons as the instructors made it a really fun and safe environment. Never once did I feel inadequate under the care of the instructors since they are always encouraging and supportive. Also, each time I go for revision I also learn new tips and skills for me to improve on hence helping me pass my Class 2B on my first try.

Thank you so so much to all the instructors. A pity I could not meet all of them to say my thanks therefore I’m putting in this feedback/ compliment.

Gretchen Lim, 2B, 19 February 2024

I would like to thank the instructors from group G6068 for helping me with obtaining my driving license. They were all very pleasant and friendly and were really committed to teaching me the required skills and techniques to drive a car. They were always very patient and understanding of mistakes, and never ever raised their voices or scolded me.

Very happy and I would definitely not hesitate to recommend BBDC to friends and family in the future!

Vimal, 3C, 23 February 2024

I would like to express my gratitude for the patience and guidance that Mr Gary Ho SP (2710) has given me during my learning at BBDC. Me, being an expat from China had difficulties in getting used to the roads and signage in Singapore. Nevertheless, Mr Gary Ho tackled my queries in very simple layman terms, to make every lesson meaningful, understandable and fun for me. Would recommend him to everyone. 10/10 🙂

Hu LL, 3A, 28 February 2024

I would like to thank all my fabulous Instructors- Ms Adeline Mok (6632), Mr Chun KS (2495) & Mr Paul Soh (6471) for patiently going through the steps again & again very patiently. Finally I passed my Class 3A.

Aisha, 3A, 16 February 2024

I have just passed my 3A Traffic Police Test on 8 February 2024. I chose to do fixed grouping and instructor (G8039) with Mr Azman (2743).

He has been helping me throughout my practical lessons and have taught me valuable tips in order to perfect my driving technique.  With his teaching, I was able to pass my TP test within 1 try, following his advice and tips. I’m very grateful for the help provided by Mr Azman and would like to take the time to compliment his efforts all this while.

I hope that the school will help to recognise his efforts and hard work for his students. Once again, I am very thankful for Mr Azman!

Nurul, 3A, 11 February 2024

I’d like to compliment the wonderful instructor Chan MS (6447). He is a very knowledgeable instructor who taught me parallel parking and vertical parking so easily within 1 hour, which I was having trouble for months. My only regret is I had come late for the class by 10 mins first time due to SMRT bus delay, else I believe I could have learnt more from the instructor sir. I was so scared for my TP test 2 days later but not anymore as I know can easily do the parking thanks to his very knowledgeable guidance. If I pass my TP test, it would be due to his excellent teaching of the 2 parking. Keep up the good work!  I would like to personally thank him.

Ragavee, 3A, 17 January 2024

Hereby to say thank you for all staff & Instructors for teaching me riding Class 2 Motor license.  All Instructor are good and helpful, I very grateful to them and I have pass the test on 25/01/2024.

Steven Lim, 2, 29 January 2024

I am beyond grateful for the exceptional guidance and support I received from the instructors at BBDC, especially those from my assigned group, Group G6067. Their expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in my success today, passing my Class 3 (Manual) driving test on my first attempt. The personalized attention and constructive feedback truly made the learning experience enjoyable and effective. A heartfelt thank you to the incredible instructors who transformed a nerve-wracking journey into a confident and successful one. Highly recommend BBDC to anyone aspiring to master the art of driving!

Benjamin Oliver Yick, 3C, 5 January 2024

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to instructor Mr Lam CC (6245) whom I’ve been assigned to on 16/01/2024.

The process of learning to drive can be daunting and intimidating, especially for someone without any prior knowledge and experience. Mr Lam’s patience, guidance and positive affirmations helped me ease into lessons. Hence, alleviating my fears and making the learning process less stressful and enjoyable. His professionalism truly displayed his passion for teaching and genuine care for his students! Thank you once again, Mr Lam!

Joy Aw, 3A, 22 January 2024

Just passed my TP recently as a BBDC school learner, I would like to given special appreciation and gratitude to the instructors that have guided me, from lesson 1 all the way to the final revision lesson and test warm up.

I would really recommend instructors from Group G8038. Many of the instructors there are really experienced, with special shoutout to Mr Chua TW (6479). Although he only thought me for one revision lesson, he pointed out my weak spots and told me effective methods on how to do lane change, the idea of “targeting” the vehicle that I would like to overtake, allowing me to smoothly lane change. He encouraged me and calmed my nerves down when he was my warm up instructor, reminding and updating me of the road blocks that are present. I would strongly recommend others to be mentored under him as his teachings are relevant and is on top of what the book teaches.

Another instructor that I would like to give special mention about Is Mr Lam CC (6245). He mentored me and brought me through the entire of stage 3, which I initially had difficulty doing: s course and parking. He was really patient with me and taught me how to effectively sight the various sighting points.

Javier Boey, 3A, 23 January 2024

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Ong RH (6793) from 8035 group. Instructor Ong, seen with his red tupperware, took me for a few of my practical sessions. He is clear and concise when delivering his lessons. He gives constructive feedback and is able to answer any doubts that I had. He is truly the embodiment of “teaching a man to fish and you feed him a lifetime”. Instructor Ong lets you learn from your mistakes rather than constantly spoonfeeding you on what to do. This is an especially important aspect when you are alone during the test and of course on the road once you have passed.

Honourable mentions to Lai WF (2803) (also from 8035) as well as Qhairiq (6709) and 6309, though not from my group, provided nothing short of excellent service and guidance throughout my journey of getting my license.

Bryan Ang, 3A, 2 December 2023

Highly recommended Mr Lam CC (6245) to be your fixed instructor, not many instructors have such a huge passion for teaching and care for the students. He really went all out just to make sure you will be able to pass. His words of affirmation, advices works wonder too! So if you have the chance to choose him as your fixed instructor, don’t pass it up!

I would also like to give my special thanks to Mr Lee BT (2019), for his calm and super useful advices! Always making sure I am at ease when driving, and reassures me when I make mistakes. He really gives you the confidence you need, and he doesn’t mind letting you practice a little more / let you finish your entire course even when time is up. Super recommended to take him at least a few times for your lessons!!

Last but not least, Mr Soh FS (2069) may sound a bit stern at first, but his tips and hack inside the circuit and on the road works wonder!! I passed my driving test on the 1st attempt because of these instructors, and without them; i wouldn’t have brushed up my skills so fast! So take them as your fixed instructors guys!!

Teo XT, 3A, 1 December 2023

My heartfelt thanks to sir, Mr Rajalingam (1983), he was one of the instructor for my practical lessons before my test date, and yes, I acquired my 3A license and the credit goes to his dedicated coaching, most importantly on the safety tips and encouragement. Always will be grateful for & will adhere to those tips. Lastly, kudos to the rest of the instructors (G8030),who was part of the journey!

Shashi, 3A, 13 December 2023

Would like to give my sincere thanks to instructors from G8038. They could tailor the lessons based on my ability. Their teaching is also clear and easy to grasp. Useful pointers and nuances on how to navigate the test as well. Thank you!

Bryan, 3A, 28 December 2023

I want to say a big thank you to all the G8011 instructors, they are very patient and kind.  They taught me from zero knowledge for driving to able to independently drive on the road.  I only can remember a few names Mr Gary Ho (2710), Mr Lim and Mr Phua TA (2576).

Especially thanks to Gary who provided his encouragement and comfort after I fail my test, and helped me revise and strengthen my skills. 

Also thanks for the guidance of the instructor, Mr Samsuri (6418) during today’s warm up session.

Zhi Yan, 3A, 23 December 2023

I was a BBDC class 3 learner and recently passed my TP test and graduated.  I would like to thank the instructors of G6068 for making my Class 3 journey a fun and enriching one for me. All of them were helpful and knowledgeable in their own way and some also shared their experience along the roads to aid me in my learning.

Would like to specifically thank three of the instructors:Mr Lau BW (6807) for making a big improvement in my circuit skills (especially my parking courses) and his encouraging words and actions during one of my revision lessons.Mr Tan TO (6619) for making me less nervous when I was still new during my first few lessons; he tried to make the lessons fun and make me learn at the same time.Mr Hanafi (6816) happened to take me once also, and he also gave several tips (such as lane changing) that were helpful during my TP test.

Once again, thank you BBDC for making my Class 3 journey a great success!

Daniel Lim, 3C, 29 December 2023

I had the privilege to be under the guidance of Instructor Ong RH (6793) for a few of my practical lessons.  What sets Instructor Ong apart is his extensive experience as a driving instructor. From the very first lesson, his seasoned approach, coupled with patience and professionalism, created a comfortable and effective learning environment.

Instructor Ong’s wealth of experience was evident in his ability to provide clear, concise instructions, making complex maneuvers seem straightforward. Tailoring each lesson to my individual learning style, he ensured that the learning process was not only informative but also enjoyable.

His commitment to safety and responsible driving habits, shaped by years of experience, went beyond the immediate goal of passing a test. It equipped me with the skills needed for a lifetime of conscientious driving.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Ong RH (6793) as your fixed driving instructor. His exceptional teaching skills, rooted in extensive experience, guarantee a successful and confident journey on the road. Thanks to him, I passed my TP test on the first attempt with only 2 demerit points.

Priscilla Chong, 3A, 16 December 2023

I would like to express my appreciation for Mr Lau GL (6623) for his dedication to his work, and professionalism in coaching me for my driving lessons. He is a very good instructor with keen eye for details, and is able to correct many of my mistakes in a gentle way. He not only explains the right techniques, but is able to balance coaching with giving me sufficient room to explore doing corrections on my own. Mr Lau also never fails to encourage me, and bolstered my confidence before my TP test. I would also like to thank the other instructors in G8011:Mr Lim Lee (5890) is a very experienced instructor. He is strict and fatherly at the same time! Mr Lim excels in teaching parking techniques as he is very focused on precision in turning et cetera.Mr Lim TP (2403) focuses 200% in watching me drive, and is able to point out many of my mistakes like failing to check blind spots. He is an expert in “TP’s favourite routes” and “common errors” in the circuit.Mr Chua LC (2304) is instrumental in helping me improve my observation skills by actively telling me where to look!Mr Lim KS (2704) has a calm demeanour, and he is very patient when he explains techniques.

Ng LK, 3A, 5 December 2023

Thank you to my instructors from G6007 for their guidance, encouragement and tips in getting my license! Biggest shoutout to my instructors Mr Aw Yong CY Vincent (6281), Mr Huang JW Frankie (6308), Mr Choo SM Joseph (6584), and Team Leader Ryan Tan (6439) for making my learning at BBDC a fun and enjoyable one!! 🙂

Not forgetting Kendrick Ng Jun Long (6752) from my auto car lesson! Kendrick was a super bubbly, fun and a chatty instructor which made my auto car learning a very chill and fun one hahaha thanks Kendrick! 🙂

Mr Ng KL (5926) is a very kind and patient man. Impart lots of wisdom into me throughout our few lessons together. Thank you for also recommending me to get a cushion knowing I had difficulties reaching the pedals at first.

Mr Lim CL (6059) is very strict with his teachings and possesses great knowledge. He is very blunt and never fails to catch on my weak points but his bluntness allowed me to improve and learn better. I always veer off course and Mr Lim gave me great tips on how to stay in my lane.

Mr Kee CH (6740) taught me twice during my whole learning journey in BBDC but I remembered how he was a very patient and kind instructor! Although I had problems with my vertical sighting point at first, he took extra efforts in helping me find my sighting point.

Vincent Aw Yong (6281) is an all rounder instructor! He took me at my very first practical lesson and taught me at various stages till my last few revision practices. I was super nervous about coming to learn how to drive at first but because of how friendly, easy going and patient he is, I look forward to my lessons. Vincent makes me feel like I’m talking to a friend instead of an instructor so that I won’t feel so tensed up when driving. He is also very stern with his teachings. He made sure I understood the lessons and prompt me to ask questions when in doubt. I remember how I had a hard time controlling my clutch and break from Stage 1-3 but he always reminded me to be calm and never once showed any annoyance throughout despite me making repeated mistakes which I really appreciate! I never struggled to understand the modules he taught too. Other than teaching, Vincent would always say hi whenever he saw me around BBDC and ask me about my progress. Vincent was very encouraging throughout and was also there to encourage me on my big day as well! Biggest thanks to Vincent for making my learning at BBDC an enjoyable one and looking out for me!! 🙂

Frankie Ng (6308) taught me during most of my Stage 2 and Stage 3 lessons. Frankie’s teaching is quite unique. Frankie will exaggerate his actions, movements and even have sounds effects when teaching which I thought was quite funny at first but really helped me remember better along the way while I learn other circuit items/ modules. When learning U-turns, right turns, traffic light arrows, Frankie gave great tips on how and when to start turning especially since I was quite lost at first. He also brought me to the roundabout although it was not tested for TP just so that I have an idea of how to do it if I were to drive outside in the future. During Stage 3 circuits, I appreciate how Frankie would always go through with me what was taught in the previous modules although I have already cleared the module, to check my progress and ensure that I can perform the courses. Though I have room for improvements, Frankie always encouraged me by reassuring me that I’m doing okay which made me more confident when driving. Big thanks to Frankie for all his encouragement and tips! 🙂

Joseph Choo (6584) took me for a few lessons in Stage 2 and Stage 3. Joseph feels a lot like a “father” than an instructor. He gives lots of real life examples based on his past experiences and shared with me on how to improve my driving skills. He taught me how to analyse the road situations, predict movements of cars ahead of me and always reminded me to look far for hazards when driving. I also remembered how I was super bad at managing my footworks at first but he came out of the car and use his “pointer” to show me the biting point of the clutch which helped me understand the car’s biting point better. Apart from that, Joseph also looks out for me when he sees me at BBDC and always asks about my driving progress. He is generally a very friendly and easy-going soul too! I always see him greeting his peers around BBDC and even say hi / chat with my friend when he see my friend around BBDC although we’re in different groups haha! Thank you Joseph for being one of the friendliest instructor and the many tips you’ve given me too! 🙂

Team Leader Ryan Tan (6439) from G6007 only took me twice during my whole learning journey but his tips made a great impact on my learning experience! Ryan is very knowledgeable and his teaching is firm. He explains the theories in great depth and gave me a few examples to help me understand better. A week before my big day, I was still having problems controlling my clutch and accelerator although I have been to multiple revisions classes :”) Ryan consistently reminded me of how to properly control my footwork and have better control of my clutch and accelerator. He emphasised the seesaw method and because of how firm he was, his words stuck in my head and I managed to control my footwork well during my big day! Ryan also gave me words of encouragement before my test and was there to congratulate me after passing too! Thank you Ryan for your great tips and encouragement 🙂

Yap Janice B, 3C, 1 December 2023

I managed to pass my Class 2B on my second attempt on 28th November 2023.  Throughout the course, I am very impressed with instructor Mr Yusoff Khan (6440).

He took me for a few stages, including my final 2 circuit revision before my test. Each time, I can see that he is dedicated in coaching the students. The fact that he can recognize my face despite having so many students show he is someone that is committed to his job.

Please send my sincere appreciation to Mr Yusoff and I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Lim WC, 2B, 29 November 2023

I would like to thank all the (practical) instructors who taught me for my 2B license.  They were very good. They were very skilful, patient and knowledgeable. They were very clear with instructions. I learned a lot from them. The most important lessons learned – how to ride properly and safely.  Please relay my appreciation to all the instructors who taught me. Thank you.

Yeo SL, 2B, 19 November 2023

I am writing to express my profound gratitude for instructor Muhd Harith (6792). He left an amazing impact on me and most importantly taught me the proper skills which enabled me to acquire a pass in my Class 3 test on my first attempt. He saw potential in me, and his unwavering belief in me was a catalyst for me to learn to drive better.

I will be forever grateful for his patience and guidance every step of the way. Whether I was struggling to understand a concept or simply needing a little extra encouragement, he would explain and ensure I am able to grasp the concept. With helpful advice, words of support and guidance , his approach to teaching made learning how to drive fun and safe. Above all else though, it is his kindness, support, and steadfast commitment to my success that I will remember the most.

Thank you for believing in me and helping me believe in myself. He is truly one of a kind!

Khairi Zuhaili, 3C, 3C November 2023

Thrilled to attain my class 3A license! Many thanks to the instructors from G8038. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Mr Tan HC (2890) and Mr Lam CC (6245) for infusing classes with light-heartedness and fun through their buoyant personalities. Heartfelt thanks to Mr Paul Soh (6471) and Mr Ong Chuan (6646) for their unwavering encouragement and guidance. Their dedication, knowledge, and professionalism undeniably make them valuable assets to BBDC. Thank you for everything, and here’s hoping our paths cross again.

KSL, 3A, 14 November 2023

I would like to express my gratitude to group, G8037 especially, Mr Ryan Tan (6439), Mr Wai CW (2220) and Mr Lim for helping me with my Class 3A practical lessons. Their consistency in most of their instructors is top notch. They are very patient, gave great tips, always have my best interest and pushes me to go further. And because of them, i managed to pass on my first attempt with 12 points. Thank you once again and I highly recommend this group to those who wishes to take Class 3A license. My best wishes to all instructors from G8037. Take care!

Thank you to Mr Raja (1983) and BBDC Customer Service for the great experience throughout my Class 3A journey. Their customer service counter is helpful, kind and always going the extra mile. To Mr Raja, I appreciate all your help and assisting me during that period. I highly recommend those who wishes to take their Motorcar license at BBDC.

Nur Rafiqah, 3A, 10 November 2023

Instructor Hanafi (6816) is patient, calm, and effective in his teaching.  He taught me Parallel Parking, and while it is a subject that many learners fear, I gain a lot of confidence under his tutelage. The subject is overwhelming, and Instructor Hanafi was patient in explaining to me the steps needed. He went the extra mile to write notes for me and go through with me what I can do better, so that I can go back and revise. While this may not seem like much, having an instructor who does something as simple as writing notes to show they care is impactful for learners. Afterall, instructors are just like teachers and teachers who are encouraging are those who make a difference in the skills of students.  He is also calm, and provided me with a safe environment to ask questions, no matter how many times I do so. I thoroughly appreciate being under his tutelage.

Having had Instructor Fairooz (6814) as my instructor for my first lesson is a blessing.  He is kind, and patient in answering the myriad of questions I had posed. I only wish I had gotten him for more lessons.  I wish Instructor Fairooz all the best!

Instructor Harith (6792) is patient, calm, and provides a conducive environment for me to grow and learn.  I appreciate that he is patient during my revision class, allowing me to try again my various pain points and giving me constructive advice on how to improve. He is friendly and patient with me.  I wish him all the best!

Instructor Ariffin (6815) is kind, patient, and effective in his teaching.  Lane changing and maintaining lane discipline are two subjects I initially struggled with. Under his guidance, I became more confident in these subjects. He also answers my questions with patience and advises me on how I can do better.  I appreciate being his learner and I wish him all the best!

Instructor Shah (6811) took me for Directional Change and my second last revision lesson. He helped me gain more confidence in my lane changing in fast traffic technique.  I thank him for his guidance and wish him all the best!

Instructor Izzat (6751) was the instructor who first took me out on the road.  In such a daunting lesson, he made it easier for me by lightening the mood and reassuring me that I would do okay. He also guided me in changing to higher gears while driving on the road. Subsequently, he also went through revision with me for my circuit courses and gave me advice on how to better my techniques in several of the courses.  I appreciate his help and wish him all the best!

Nurul Iman, 3C, 22 November 2023

Instructor Shukur (6809) is an asset to BBDC. He is a patient, kind, encouraging, and effective instructor.  Some exemplary points:– He is very patient in allowing me to try again when I fail, and goes through various other methods to try to help me be better. While learning S-Course, I had initially struck and mounted the kerb numerous times. However, he kept encouraging and motivating me, painfully going through with me the different techniques I could try to improve.– He pushes me to become an even better driver by being strict in marking me for missing blind spots and checking my mirror. I appreciate that he does it in a kind yet firm manner.– He is very methodical – when teaching, he goes through with me step-by-step, making sure I understand what needs to be done. After which, when in the process of carrying it out, he is patient while I fail and encourages me to try again. He never puts me down or speaks to me in a manner that brings down my confidence.– He is friendly, and allows for a conducive environment for me to learn, grow, and attain confidence.

I hope that he will be duly rewarded. Afterall, him and some other instructors in G6066 has made BBDC feels like home to me.

Instructor Fadhli (6822) is encouraging, patient, and effective in his teaching methods.  He taught me Vertical Parking – under his tutelage, I believe I honed the basic skills needed. He further taught me the abbreviation “SMB”, which stands for Signal, Mirror, and Blindspot. This abbreviation served to be very useful for me during my TP test, as I remembered all the steps I needed to carry out. He also went through with me over and over again to help me determine which sighting point is the best for me, and what to do should I need to carry out a correction. Also, he worked with me to hone my lane changing skills. He does not shy away from giving me feedback, and aims to be as constructive as possible so as to enhance my learning.

He is very encouraging, telling me that it is okay to fail and try again. He is also calm in his demeanor, thus providing a conducive and safe environment for me to ask questions without feeling afraid or embarrassed. Even when I fail, he motivated me to not give up and that I was capable should I have more practice. Instructors like him are essential to nurture good drivers.  I wish instructor Fadhli all the best!

Nurul Iman, 3C, 22 November 2023

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