DIPS Course

DIPS Course

DIPS Course

DIPS Course

DIPS Course
DIPS Course
DIPS Course

DIPs Re-training Course

Practice Safe Driving Habits

Course Information

This course is for motorists who are liable for 1st and 2nd driving suspension and have been issued with a valid DIPS letter. It is designed to help motorists to improve their driving/riding behaviour and practise good driving/riding habits. After taking and passing the course, they will be given a remission of their suspension period. For more information on DIPS, you may refer to the Police Website.

If you have received the DIPS Letter from Traffic Police, you may enrol online.  Alternatively, you may enrol in person at our Centre.


Enrolment Requirements

Enrol in Person

Enrol in person at our Centre (no appointment required) with the following documents:

  • Valid NRIC
  • Valid FIN Card (for foreigners)
  • Valid Singapore Qualified Driving Licence
  • Valid DIPS letter issued by Traffic Police
  • NETS/CashCard

Enrol via Online

$3 Online Facilities Fee applicable for online enrolment. 

Please ensure that you are able to meet all the Course Requirements and Requirements & Conditions for Theory Lesson via Zoom Meeting before enrolling.

Course Fee

  • $199.47 (inclusive of 9% GST)- Non-refundable and non-transferable
  • $3 Online Facilities Fee applicable for online enrolment
  • Payment Mode: Visa/Master Card for online enrolment or Nets/Cash Card for counter enrolment.

Course Details

  • Course Language: English/Mandarin
  • Course available dates will be provided during enrolment at Customer Service counter or online enrolment.
  • Total Duration: 12hr 50min
    • Theory Lesson      :     8hr 50min (Online via Zoom Meeting)
    • Theory Test           :     1hr
    • Practical Lesson   :     2hr
    • Practical Test        :     1hr

After Online Enrolment

  • No email/SMS will be sent.
  • Screenshot or print the Official Receipt.
  • Please remember your course date and time. No further reminder will be sent.

Attending Theory Lesson Online

With effect from 14 July 2021, Theory Lesson for DIPS Course will be conducted online via Zoom Meeting.

Please prepare for the lesson using the following Instructional Guides:


Attending Practical Lesson

Reporting Documents

  • Valid NRIC
  • Valid FIN Card (for foreigners)
  • Valid Singapore Qualified Driving Licence
  • Course Official Receipt/Screenshot of Official Receipt



  • Must be in proper attire.  Wearing of slippers, sandals, singlet, shorts or bermudas will not be permitted. 
  • Customers taking motorcycle course has to wear long-sleeve shirt/jacket/arm socks, long pants/jeans, covered shoes and bring full covered gloves and own helmet (must be approved with clear visor), otherwise helmet liner is required if using BBDC’s helmet.
  • Lateness for classes/tests exceeding 5 minutes will be considered as absent.


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