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Membership Related

1.    I have forgotten my 6-digit PIN, what should I do?

For school customers, please email us at to request for password reset.

For P3/P3A customers, reset of password can only be done in person at Customer Service counter with your valid NRIC/FIN Card.
Admin fee of $10.70 (incl GST) will be imposed.

Password reset service is not available online.

2.    How do I renew my membership?

System will auto-renew if there are sufficient funds in your account.  You may also click on ‘Membership Renewal’ to renew your account manually if you wish to view slots  that are after your membership’s expiry date.

3.     What if there are insufficient funds for renewal?

Maintenance fee of $5.35 per month will be deducted from your account after your membership has expired.  Upon reaching a zero balance in the account, the account shall be automatically terminated.

4.    I have changed my personal particulars, what should I do?

It is important to update us if there are changes to your personal particulars (NRIC number, name, address, contact numbers, etc.).  Please proceed to Information Counter (Level 1) with your valid NRIC/FIN Card to update your new particulars.

Booking and Cancellation

1.   What should I do after I booked my lesson?

Please log in and click ‘Booking Statement’ to check your booking details.

2.   Why does the system prompt me that ‘There is no more slot available.  Please select another schedule’ when I try  to book for lesson?

Please ensure that your membership’s expiry date covers the lesson date that you intend to book for.  You will need to renew your membership manually first if the lesson/test date is after your membership’s expiry date.  It could also means that the month/ day/ session that you have selected is already full.

3.    How do I cancel my lesson?

Please log in to perform the cancellation at least 48 hours before lesson starts, fee will be refunded back to your account immediately.  Cancellation through phone/email is strictly disallowed.

4.     What if I cancel my lesson within 48 hours before lesson starts?

Lesson will be placed under ‘Try-Sell’ and fee will only be refunded if the lesson is successfully sold. Please log in to check the status under ‘Booking Statement’ or ‘Accounts Transaction’ 2 hours before the lesson starts.

5.     What if ‘Try-Sell’ is unsuccessful?

Please ‘take back’ the slot and attend the lesson if ‘Try-Sell’ is unsuccessful as lesson fee will be not be refunded if you are absent from the lesson due to whatsoever reasons.

6.     What does ‘exceed booking limit’ means (Class 3/3A learners)? 

It means that you have exceeded the ’17 practical lessons’ booking limit for advance booking.

7.      Can I request for a postponement/replacement/refund if I did not attend the lesson due to emergency causes or  unforeseen circumstances?  

There will be no postponement/ replacement/ refund allowed for any lesson missed regardless of whatsoever reason.

8.       I have passed my practical test, what should I do with my balance lessons?

You must cancel all existing bookings IMMEDIATELY (subject to Terms & Conditions of Learner’s Course  Agreement).  The remaining balance will be refunded to you by cheque to the registered address in our system in 2 weeks’ time upon course graduation.  Please inform our Customer Service Officer at the Graduation Room if you have changed your mailing address or personal particulars.

Theory Lesson Related

1.     Do I need to attend all the four theory lessons (Class 3/3A learners)?

Yes. These lessons conducted by the Centre are beneficial to all learners as they equip learners with safe driving knowledge. Some of the driving knowledge that may not be encountered during the practical training will be taught in theory lessons such as expressway driving.

2.      When should I attend and complete my theory lessons?

You are advised to complete these lessons before commencement of your first practical lesson as these lessons equip you with the safety mindset.  Alternatively, you may attend and complete these lessons while attending your practical training.

3.       I have passed my theory evaluation. How many theory tests can I attempt before I need to retake the evaluation?

You should be able to attempt 2 theory tests if there is no delay in your booking(s) of the theory tests. You will be prompted to retake the evaluation during the theory test booking if the evaluation has expired.

Theory Test Related

1.      Are there any expiry dates for Basic, Final and Riding Theory test?

There is no expiry date for Basic Theory Test but Final Theory Test is valid for 2 years and Riding Theory Test is valid 1 year.

2.      When can I book for my theory test?

You can book for your theory test immediately upon passing the theory evaluation and before your theory evaluation expired.

3.       Will my test fee be refunded if I cancel my theory test date? 

With effect from 1 October 2008, there will be no refund of all test fee for any cancellation of your test date made by you, the system or Traffic Police.

4.      What will happen to the theory test fees that I had paid if I am unable to attend due to disqualification/ medical leave/ National Service/ other reasons?

All fees will be forfeited. Postponement, transfer or replacement of test date is not allowed.

5.     What are the documents that I need to produce for the theory test?

You are required to produce your valid NRIC/FIN Card when attending your theory test.

6.     When will I know my theory test result?

The result will be shown immediately on the computer screen upon completion of the theory test and will be updated in your account within 24 hours.

Practical Training Related

1.    Will I be able to take my practical lessons and test if I am pregnant?

No, unless you are able to produce a valid original Certification Letter issued by your Gynaecologist/Doctor stating you are FIT for driving lessons and test, including emergency brake and the validity date. Please click here for more information on the guidelines and sample Certification Letter.

2.     Can I request for a postponement/ replacement/ refund if I did not attend the lesson due to emergency causes or unforeseen circumstances?

There will be no postponement/replacement/refund for any lesson missed.

3.      How do I book for Driving Simulator (DS) lesson?

You may book for DS upon completion of Practical Stage 1.11 online under ‘Booking without fixed instructor’ and you will see a box for booking of DS lesson.

4.    How do I book for Auto Car lesson (AT 1.01)?

You may book for Auto Car lesson upon completion of Practical Stage 2.05 online under ‘Booking Without Fixed Instructor’ and you will see a box for booking of Auto Car lesson.

Practical Test Related

1.     When can I book for my Class 3/ 3A/ 2B/ 2A/ 2 practical test?

Please ensure that you have meet all the requirements before booking of practical test.  Please refer to the ‘News and Announcements’ which is updated from time-to-time without prior notice.

2.     How will I know that my practical test has been cancelled?

You may check under ‘Booking Statement’ online. The details of the cancelled test date will no longer be reflected under your ‘Booking Statement’.

3.     What are the documents required for my practical test?

The documents required are as follows:

a.  Valid NRIC/FIN Card

b.  Valid electronic Provisional Driving Licence

c.  Valid Qualified Driving Licence (if any)

d.  Valid Medical Certificate (if any)

4.    How do I book a retest if I fail my Practical Test?

You can book a retest immediately after booking for one revision lesson (preferably nearer to your retest date).  For Class 2/2A/2B, one Revision Circuit is required.

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