Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course

Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course

Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course

Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course

Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course
Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course
Class 3-3A Refresher Driving Course






Course Information

Class 3/3A Refresher Driving Course is specially designed for qualified drivers who have not been driving for at least 1 year or more. This course consists of practice on the basics of driving, learn more about the attitude and behaviour of other road users. which aid in gaining confidence in becoming a safe and responsible driver.  Course content includes driving on expressways, congested areas, different types of multi-storey car parks and many more.

Enrolment Requirements

  • Enrol in person
  • 18 years old and above
  • Possess a valid Class 3/3A/3C/3CA Singapore Qualified Driving Licence
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Able to read a distance of 25 metres and does not suffer from colour blindness
  • Must not accumulate more than 12 demerit points under Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS)
  • Must not have any Qualified Driving Licence/ electronic Provisional Driving Licence under revocation, disqualification or suspension.

Enrolment Documents

  • Valid NRIC
  • Valid FIN Card (for foreigners)
  • Valid Class 3/3A/3C/3CA Singapore Qualified Driving Licence

Training Structure

Course Fee

Items Fees (S$) Fees with 9% GST (S$)
 Enrolment¹ (valid for 1 year) 98.00 106.82
 Practical Lesson (100 min/session) – Off Peak Hour 66.00 71.94
 Practical Lesson (100 min/session) – Peak Hour 74.00 80.66
 Membership Renewal² (Per Month) 9.00 9.81

¹ Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.

² System will automatically renew your membership upon expiry.  Please maintain sufficient funds otherwise membership will be terminated.

Reporting for Practical Lesson

  • Comfortable clothing that does not restrict hand, arm, body and leg movements.
  • Wear shoes with soft soles (slippers, sandals, etc not allowed).

Documents Required
  • Valid NRIC or FIN Card (for foreigner)
  • Valid Singapore Qualified Driving Licence
  • Cash Card


  • Log in to ‘BBDC’ mobile app 10 minutes before every practical lesson to check your car number and area.
  • Proceed to driving circuit to locate your assigned car.

Graduate from Course

Upon Completion of Course
  • Please proceed to Customer Service for closure of account:
    • Check and cancel all booking(s) immediately (if any).  Any booking(s) not cancelled successfully will not be refunded.
    • Admin fee shall be imposed if course is not completed.
    • For balance of $20 and below, amount will be refunded by cash at Customer Service.
  • For balance of more than $20:
    • Cheque will be mailed to your registered address within 2 weeks.
    • Cheque has to be deposited into your bank (not the cheque issuance bank) within 6 months to avoid incurrence of fees.
    • Ensure your name and address in your BBDC account are correct.
  • Print out your account transactions immediately from your BBDC account under ‘Transactions’ should you require it.

Practical Lesson Sessions (100 min/session)
Please log in to book your preferred sessions.
Consecutive lessons are not allowed except for Session 2 & 3 and Session 6 & 7, subject to slot availability.

Session Mon – Fri Sat & Sun
1 07:30 – 09:10 *07:30 – 09:10
2 *09:20 – 11:00 *09:20 – 11:00
3 *11:30 – 13:10 *11:30 – 13:10
4 13:20 – 15:00 *13:20 – 15:00
5 *15:20 – 17:00
6 17:10 – 18:50
7 *19:20 – 21:00
8 21:10 – 22:50

* Peak Hour Sessions

Pregnant learners are required to produce a Certification Letter endorsed by your Gynaecologist/ Doctor to certify that you are ‘FIT’ for practical lessons .  The Certification Letter has to be endorsed by Customer Service and to be produced on all practical lessons.

For more information on the guidelines, please click here.

If you are unable to produce the Certification Letter during practical lesson, instructor will need to get approval from his superior whether to proceed with the lesson.

Please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions.

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