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Drive Safely. Ride Safely.

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Imparting 33 years of Safe Driving Knowledge
Imparting Safe Driving Knowledge

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Appointment is required for new enrolment.  Existing customers coming for lessons/test or other counter services are not required to make an appointment.

Top Up via QR Code

Please log in to your BBDC Account for a generated PayNow QR Code. Do not top-up via UEN or internet fund transfer.  We will not send any clickable link via email or SMS to customers to top up BBDC account. 

Home-Based Theory Lessons

Home-Based Theory Lessons bring you greater convenience.  Attend your lessons at the same pace as we conduct theory lessons in classroom.  All you need is to fill in the Opt-In Form for Home-Based Theory Lessons.

News & Announcements

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A choice that makes the difference.

Systematic & Comprehensive Training Structure

Step-by-step training ensuring learners are equipped with comprehensive knowledge

Online Booking & Cancellation

Book or cancel lessons in advance at your convenience.

Complimentary 1 Year PA Insurance

School members entitled to 1 Year Complimentary PA Insurance (applicable course type only).  Find out more from our customer service counters.

Electronic Practical Handbook

Practical Handbook reinforces learners’ knowledge before and after lessons.

Service Support for School Members

Our service staff are ready to assist school learners further.

Risk Forecast Training

Test and understand your reactions to dangerous situations through our risk forecast devices.

Proven Track Record

Quality Training for Cost Saving.

Better and Clean Motorcars

Pleasant learning in better and clean motorcars.

No Extra Circuit Charge

School members entitled to learn in the circuit without having to pay extra for driving circuit entrance fee.

How To Start A Course

Read Course Information

Read the Course Information.  Ensure that you meet the enrolment requirement.

Initial Payment

Enrol in person or online with the required enrolment documents.  Deposit your account with an estimated initial amount of Enrolment + Eyesight Test  + Photo-taking + Theory Fees


Start Booking

Book home-based theory lessons online and attend via Zoom. Come for eye-sight test, photo-taking, course briefing and identity verification on the first day of your lesson in BBDC.


You will be guided along the next steps during your lesson.  Here you are, you have started the course!



Mr. Azman (2743) is a valuable asset to BBDC. His enthusiasm for his work is contagious, which made me very engaged and eager to learn more. Thanks to his teaching approach, which involved presenting scenarios I had never encountered before (e.g., driving in the dark), I felt motivated, confident, and well-prepared for the road ahead. Additionally, Mr. Azman fostered a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, enhancing my overall experience for my DS-DS session today!

Goh PL, 3A, 10 July 2023


I would like to give a big thank you to all the instructors in G8011. Despite being a slow learner, most of them were patient and made sure I understood what was being taught. Through the many practices, their encouragement and guidance, I managed to pass my TP test on my second attempt! Thank you BBDC!

Lim XY, 3A, 27 July 2023


I would like to compliment motorcycle instructor Muhd Farhan (6653). This was my first lesson with him and and it was also my last lesson with him before TP. I was fortunate to have him as my instructor as he shared many tips and guide before my TP. He had also made the lesson fun and interesting with his passion and enthusiasm.

I really hope he could be recognised and appreciated by the company. Great work Farhan!

Yue SX, 2, 12 July 2023


It was such a coincidence to have met Mr Kenneth Chan MS (6447) for my last 2-3 sessions. His comments and coaching has been very helpful. He is very patient in correcting and fine tuning my mistakes.  Mr Kenneth take pride in his work and deserves a compliment! Thanks to his fine tuning, I managed to clear my TP test on my first attempt! Was very worried for my vertical parking and those trap test lanes so he really patiently run through with me🤣

Teo Wilnyn, 3A, 7 July 2023

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