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Imparting 30 Years of Safe Driving Knowledge


Imparting 30 Years of Safe Driving Knowledge

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Mask Wearing Required for Indoor and Enclosed Area Setting

Mask must be put on when indoor or in enclosed area setting i.e. inside BBDC building and inside training cars.  All our staff will continue to put on mask.

Make An Appointment

Appointment is required for new enrolment.  Existing customers coming for lessons/test or other counter services are not required to make an appointment.

Top Up via QR Code

Please log in to your BBDC Account for a generated PayNow QR Code. Do not top-up via UEN or internet fund transfer.  We will not send any clickable link via email or SMS to customers to top up BBDC account. 

Home-Based Theory Lessons

Home-Based Theory Lessons bring you greater convenience.  Attend your lessons at the same pace as we conduct theory lessons in classroom.  All you need is to fill in the Opt-In Form for Home-Based Theory Lessons.

News & Announcements

Our Services

A choice that makes the difference.

Systematic & Comprehensive Training Structure

Step-by-step training ensuring learners are equipped with comprehensive knowledge

Online Booking & Cancellation

Book or cancel lessons in advance at your convenience.

Complimentary 1 Year PA Insurance

School members entitled to 1 Year Complimentary PA Insurance (applicable course type only).  Find out more from our customer service counters.

Electronic Practical Handbook

Practical Handbook reinforces learners’ knowledge before and after lessons.

Service Support for School Members

Our service staff are ready to assist school learners further.

Risk Forecast Training

Test and understand your reactions to dangerous situations through our risk forecast devices.

Proven Track Record

Quality Training for Cost Saving.

Better and Clean Motorcars

Pleasant learning in better and clean motorcars.

No Extra Circuit Charge

School members entitled to learn in the circuit without having to pay extra for driving circuit entrance fee.

How To Start A Course

Read Course Information

Read the Course Information.  Ensure that you meet the enrolment requirement.

Initial Payment

Enrol in person or online with the required enrolment documents.  Deposit your account with an estimated initial amount of Enrolment + Eyesight Test  + Photo-taking + Theory Fees


Start Booking

Book home-based theory lessons online and attend via Zoom. Come for eye-sight test, photo-taking, course briefing and identity verification on the first day of your lesson in BBDC.


You will be guided along the next steps during your lesson.  Here you are, you have started the course!



I believe these gentlemen- Sulaiman (1009), Lau GL (6623) & See YY (6343) deserve recognition for their dedication, passion and patience to teach. Being an instructor to teach and educate students from all walks of life is never easy and it’s hard work and perseverance. They create the positive attitude towards students. Teaching the techniques on handling and maneuvering motorcycles with full enthusiasm always inspired me.  They are the ambassador and also an assets to BBDC. They are in fact the role models to other peers instructors. Thank you Sirs for guiding and I’m sure I will be back for Class 2.

Shahul H, 2A, 25 August 2022


I would like to write in a compliment for Ang KK (6478) for BTL 1.02. He is friendly and approachable. Definitely made the theory lesson more fun and interactive with his cheerful attitude. Awesome instructor. Please kindly let him know that we appreciate his effort and time as well as his cheerful personality. Thank you!

Jacky Seow, 2B, 4 August 2022


I am a returning attendee for my class 2A and I am enlightened to see that the service delivery remains top-notch and the staff are flexible when performing their duties to ensure that customers needs are met.  Today is my first day of lessons and I am very heartened by the service rendered by 2 customer-service staff and 2 instructors (TPDS and Practical 1.01).

Ms Yu Pei (7167) and Ms Dan Lian (7155) were efficient and most polite. They noted that I have a lesson starting soon and they managed to serve me and processed the needful swiftly without hesitation.

TPDS staff Ms Chong LW (7164) was very polite and attentive to ensure that I did not face any difficulties with the simulation machine.

Mr Ang BP (6524), as usual, taught the class with a warm touch and ensured safety, understanding, and practised his own discretion for my concerns faced during the class.

I had an excellent experience for course 2B and I am glad to experience the same a year after. Please compliment the staff involved and all others as they have made BBDC a school where students are relaxed and can learn without fear. As a public service member, this is impeccable.

Max Ng, 2A, 15 September 2022


I would like to compliment Mr Tan HA (2793). Strict but patient and experienced instructor. Thanks so much for your help and endless support in getting my licence. Nearing the test, he even sacrificed part of his lunch break to guide me with vertical parking!!

With his guidance and patience he taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive. His lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciated his encouragement.

I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning to drive. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him and I really appreciate everything he has done for me!  All the best for the future!

Lucy Y, 3A, 27 September 2022

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