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Imparting 30 Years of Safe Driving Knowledge

What’s New

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Check-In with Trace Together Token / App

Effective from 17 May 2021, all persons entering BBDC’s premises including learners are mandatorily required to check-in using TraceTogether Token or App.  Scanning with SafeEntry QR Code or Singpass App will be discontinued from this date. 

Make An Appointment

All visitors are required to make an appointment before coming to our centre.  Learners coming for lessons or test are not required to make an appointment.  Please produce booking statement or appointment email at the entrance.

Top Up via QR Code

Please log in to your BBDC Account for a generated paynow QR Code.  You will require a PC and mobile banking app to do the immediate top-up.  Please do not top-up via UEN.

Home-Based Theory Lessons

Home-Based Theory Lessons bring you greater convenience.  Attend your lessons at the same pace as we conduct theory lessons in classroom.  All you need is to fill in the Opt-In Form for Home-Based Theory Lessons.

News & Announcements

Why Choose Us

Systematic & Comprehensive Training Structure

Step-by-step training ensuring learners are equipped with comprehensive knowledge

24/7 Online Booking & Cancellation

Book or cancel lessons in advance at your convenience.

No Extra Circuit Charge

School members entitled to learn in the circuit without having to pay extra for driving circuit entrance fee.

Electronic Practical Handbook

Practical Handbook reinforces learners’ knowledge before and after lessons.

Better and Clean Motorcars

Pleasant learning in better and clean motorcars.

Service Support for School Members

Our service staff are ready to assist school learners further.

Complimentary 1 Year PA Insurance

School members entitled to 1 Year Complimentary PA Insurance (applicable course type only).  Find out more from our customer service counters.

Risk Forecast Training

Test and understand your reactions to dangerous situations through our risk forecast devices.

Proven Track Record

Quality Training for Cost Saving.

How To Start A Course

Read Course Information

Read the Course Information.  Ensure that you meet the enrolment requirement.

Initial Payment

Enrol in person or online with the required enrolment documents.  Deposit your account with an estimated initial amount of Enrolment + Eyesight Test  + Photo-taking + Theory Fees


Start Booking

Book classroom-based theory lessons online or opt for home-based theory lessons. Come for eye-sight test, photo-taking, course briefing and identity verification on the first day of your lesson in BBDC.


You will be guided along the next steps during your lesson.  Here you are, you have started the course!

Happy Customers

We appreciate our customers for their compliments.

Mr Siddiq was an exceptional instructor. I have had the opportunity to have him as my instructor for 6 out of 23 lessons. He is friendly and attentive – quick to point out mistakes, but does so in a manner that is kind. Out of all my instructors, I hold him in highest regard, and his professionalism as well as nurturing character is something that I have greatly appreciated.

Chan YC Philip, Class 3/3A, 2020

Today my instructor was Mr Chua Tat Wee before we start the lesson, I informed him on my weakness of the practical course. He addresses them by closing monitoring my mistakes and gave excellent advice by being polite and respectful. He is an engaging instructor, down to earth. I was able to learn very quickly and overcome my mistakes. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Thank you for being an excellent instructor.

Akbar Ali, Class 2A, 2020

Appreciate the patience, help and arrangement made by BBDC instructors to ensure that I am able to carry on with learning Class 2B.  Special thanks for the arrangement from the 2wheel leaders who were on duty on 12 Jan (Kheng Soon and Kumar ) also would like to thank Instructor 6171 Lim Hai Hong.

Shu Qin, Class 2B, 2021

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